5 Women, Who Live and Breathe Yoga, Model the Most Coveted Swimsuits of the Season

And let us in on how this ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual art has changed their lives.

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    Diksha Lalwani, Yoga Instructor

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    Sunaina Rekhi, Celebrity Yoga Instructor and Health and Lifestyle Coach

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    Shaik Afsha, Yoga Instructor and Pranic Healer

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    Natasha Noel, Nike+ Training Club Yoga Expert

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    Vidya Malvade, Actor and Yoga Instructor


  • “I’ve been practicing yoga daily for the past six years, and I know it’s a cliché when I say this, but it has completely transformed my life. I feel stronger—both mentally and physically—and it has helped me improve my relationship with myself. I was stuck in a bad job and a terrible relationship, and yoga helped me overcome all of that. And that’s when I decided to share this gift with the world and become an instructor—it has helped me step into my power as a lightworker.” Glitter swimsuit, normaswimwear. com, `20,405; socks, Adidas, `999; sandals, Zara, `5,990; Light Orchid Pierced Earrings, `9,890; and Angelic Square Bracelet, `9,890; both Swarovski; watch, Just Cavalli, `12,030

  • “For me, yoga is meditation in movement, and the perfect coming together of the body and mind. I’m a double major in economics and econometrics, with a training in psychology and counselling, and I took to yoga six years ago when I was in London. I loved it so much that I followed it up with a month-long stint in Rishikesh. Though, initially, I had no intention of teaching yoga, I realised that people often confuse it with just physical fitness—it’s more about working with the mind. There’s a spiritual aspect to yoga that other fitness forms don’t have; and that’s what I want to create an awareness about.” Wired swimsuit, La Perla, `46,500; twotoned pumps, Steve Madden, `9,699; Lime Pineapple Necklace, Swarovski, `9,890; earrings and choker, both Prakshi Fine Jewelry, price on request

  • “Yoga teaches you a lot of things...like how to be patient, handle your emotions better, and is quite effective when it comes to treating obesity, depression etc. But it has helped me tremendously in becoming a better human being. Practicing yoga daily allowed me to get in touch with my innermost feelings and channel my energies correctly. And the proof of that is when I do the Eka Padasana (the one foot pose)—it’s a balancing asana, that gives a sense of control of bodily movements to the practitioner. And while it looks extremely simple, it defines your mental state: whether your mind is balanced or not." Colour-blocked swimwear top, `3,499; and briefs, `2,299; both Tommy Hilfiger; pearl socks, luluandsky.com, `299; ankle-strap heels, Charles & Keith, `5,499; earrings, Anomaly by Anam, `4,800

  • “The most amazing thing about yoga is that it makes you live in the present—you can’t be doing a ‘flow’ and thinking about something else. If you do, you will injure yourself. Mediation and yoga are the two pillars that help me stay grounded and embrace what’s happening right this minute. It has definitely changed my life for the better and made me a more positive person. There are many days when I don’t even feel like getting out of bed and practising yoga, but the Uttana Shishosana (the puppy posture) comes to my rescue. I just stay in that posture and cry—it’s a heart opener and it releases happy hormones inside... So it’s a double bonus.” Draped trikini with iconoclasp, Shivan & Narresh, `27,000; asymmetric crop top, Zara, `1,790; clear embellished strappy heels, Steve Madden, `9,399

  • “Being an actor is the most insecure job in the world. The highs are super-high and the lows are super-low; even if you are damn good at your job. But after practising yoga for over a decade (and I’ve been teaching it for four years now), I am forever grateful and indebted to the practice. It has helped me get over the darkest times of my life. After a tragic event, I had lost all hope, I was in mild depression and used to get panic attacks...the pain had left me broken inside. That’s when yoga found me and helped me piece my broken self back together, one breath at a time. Practising yoga and meditation gives you a saner perspective, and the strength to get through all the brickbats life hits you with. I believe that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. I’m an actor and always will be, but teaching yoga is my way of giving back some of the healing and peace that I have received." Maze Swimsuit, Flirtatious, `5,500; gloves, Ilk, price on request; sneakers, Puma, `6,499; Liz Bracelet, Swarovski, `37,900; Cascade Earrings, Misho, `14,800