10 Ways to Rock the Top to Toe White Look

Monotone dressing has been ruling the runways this season, and white—finding fans in A-list celebrities and high-end designers alike—is fast-emerging as the MVP of this one-colour-only game. In this Cosmo exclusive, shot in the comfort of their homes,10 models show how you can rock your brightey-whiteys top-to-toe, too.   


Mansi (Anima Creative Management) “My wardrobe is heavily dominated by whites. For the shoot, I am wearing a classic white shirt as a dress...I find this reimagination very sexy and chic. I had sourced the piece from New York and we have seen some really good times together! Here, I’ve teamed the shirt with my favourite ivory boots to pull the look together. And dark mauve lips add a striking touch of colour. I chose to keep my hair natural for an effortless vibe. White is so versatile, it marries all colours and styles just right, and looks so elegant. Normally, for a day outing, I like throwing in a pop accessory like a handbag or hair clips, or anything gold, with my whites. And for the evenings, I love styling white with something black because monochrome is such a powerful statement. For this image, I wanted to emanate an easy and hassle-free feel with the composition as well, hence just the sunlight and the sofas in the frame—and Ezra, my dog, lounging around.”

ALlen Konyak

Allen Konyak (Kay Savino Yhome Scouting) “I have a huge bias towards pastels and whites. In this photograph, I’ve paired a white playsuit with white sneakers (purchased from a thrift store in Nagaland). I’ve finished the look with multi-layered hoops, barely-there make-up, and fun braids to add to the playful vibe. This is how I like to dress up: minimal. That’s my aesthetic. When it comes to wearing white during the day, I will, without a doubt, pick a white top and loose, blue jeans, with sneakers or ankle boots, accessorised with hoops, or anything gold. For the night, I’d probably wear a white satin dress, and—since I’m a sneakers person—sneakers, with a sling bag, gold earrings and an elegant necklace. I’ve taken this shot at a friend’s place, put together with a band of friends rallying behind! The props you see, the books and flowers, denote self-love for me. They are some of my favourites, that never fail to add sunshine to my life.”

Teesta Dalvi (Anima Creative Management) “For this look, I’ve used my grandfather’s shirt. It was oversized for me, and that left a lot of room for all my styling experiments. I tried tying it in different ways, and even layering it with a white crop top, finally deciding to wear it as a chic blouse. I’ve pushed the collar to the edge of my shoulders, and knotted the bottom tightly to secure it in place. The high-waist, white denim shorts with chunky sneakers add a sportsy touch. A dainty silver necklace lends a hint of bling. This is the first time I’ve worn white-on-white...I usually like to pair white with darker shades. On most days, you’ll see me in a white T-shirt/crop top/kurta with jeans or corduroy pants during the day. For night-outs, I like to add on a suede or denim jacket, heels, hoops, and a dark lipstick. For this photograph, taken by my brother, I sat on top of the shoe cupboard, with some plants on either side, to add some colour. And the four showpieces below—bringing in a hint of antique gold—lend themselves beautifully to the frame.”

Naayaab Sheikh (Anima Creative Management) “White, for me, is the most calming, refreshing colour. For this shoot, I pulled out everything white I saw in my wardrobe (I have a lot of them!)to put the look together. I love this bodysuit and was certain I wanted to include it. I wanted to go for a layered-up look, so have thrown a white shirt over it. I added a belt that matched the colours on my bodysuit, to break the look. The socks and shoes add to the all-white feel, and a sleek, low ponytail and natural make-up complete my look. White is such a versatile colour that I end up wearing it very often. For a day out to run errands, one can never go wrong with a basic white tee, or camisole, or even a button-down shirt with well-fitted jeans and sneakers. For the night, I like to team dressy, white tops with skirts or high-waist, wide/straight-leg pants. You can also take a white dress from day to night just by accessorising it differently.”

Mitali Rannorey (Runway Lifestyle) “I am in Kolkata during the lockdown, at my in-laws’ place, with just a few clothes with me. So while looking for whites was a bit of a task, I did manage to find this long, flowy shirt with beautiful embellishments on the collar. It doesn’t need much of accessorising, so I’ve just added some big hoops and bracelets. I kept my hair simple, with a clean face and bright fuchsia lips. I love how classy white can be... For daytime, I prefer wearing a white dress or shirt with sneakers, and I like styling the look with big earrings or a chunky necklace. For evening/night events, I switch sneakers with sandals or heels in nudes, tans, or blacks.”

Kritika Shetty 
(Runway Lifestyle) “I had to rush back home to Mangalore just before the lockdown, and I couldn’t bring too many clothes with me. But I love white! So, as luck would have it, most of the outfits that I have here are white. I’ve had this dress—by Shantanu & Nikhil—for years, and it is my absolute favourite! It has loose ruches, that are lined with silver beads, and it fits like a dream! The last time I wore it was four years ago, and I love how it’s still so on-trend. Here, I’ve styled it with a pair of white heels and minimal make-up, keeping it simple and classic. I’m a minimalist, so, during the day, I usually wear my whites by way of a classic shirt or T-shirt in this hue, with blue jeans, and boots or sneakers. For the night, I’d team a pair of high-waist white pants with a bandeau or a crop top...maybe throw on an oversized blazer. Or a white dress, with nude heels and a deep lipstick.“

Tanmaya Jain (Kay Savino Yhome Scouting) “My sense of style is quite laidback and comfortable. And I feel an all-white ensemble isn’t just a great choice for a light summer look, it also helps take minimalism to maximalism with aplomb. That said, wearing all white can be terrifying...I mean, we are all just one coffee mishap away from a disaster! But it does emit an elegant and sophisticated vibe. Since there’s no better time than now to start creating a more sustainable closet and exploring DIY tricks on my worn-out clothes, I picked a white, cotton shirt, that I wore off-shoulder and tied in the front. I’ve folded up the hem of my jeans to recreate an ‘80s-style cuff detail, which is slouchy and deliberately imperfect. For the finishing touch, I threw on my favourite pair of chunky, colourful sneakers and my go-to layered golden necklace. I’ve never tried shooting at home before, and my younger brother helped me out for this one... Climbing up on the sofa to take the perfect angles, just inches away from slipping and breaking my phone and...himself!”

Ravleen Varghese (Anima Creative Management) “For this shoot, I’ve reused and re-styled old pieces from my wardrobe. I have worn a plain white tank top with a white skirt that I used to wear to school. To elevate the look, I’ve used an old, oversized white shirt as an overthrow. I’ve worn minimal jewellery, and opted for basic make-up, letting the winged eyeliner be the highlight. Usually, I like to pair my whites with jeans or relaxed trousers during the day, while for a night-out, I like to spice up my look by layering it with a cool jacket, and accessorising with statement jewels.”

Tisha Jain (Anima Creative Management) “I wanted to create an elegant and versatile look for this shoot. I’ve worn an off-shoulder top (with a fun, playful vibe) over matching pants. A delicate pendant is chic as well as minimal, which is exactly my style. I wanted to add a hint of colour by way of my footwear, so chose these baby pink shoes that perfectly highlight the white-on-white palette without stealing its focus. White is one of my favourite colours...it makes one feel confident. Whether it is for day or night, when opting for white, I like to go for a monotone look with gold accessories, a nice handbag, and a great pair of shoes. In this photograph, taken by my sister, I’ve used a brown table to add a little contrast, and a beige telephone to create a vintage vibe.”

Ngusanuo Seyie (Kay Savino Yhome Scouting) “I’ve worn a lacey top with a Mekhela—a traditional wrap-around skirt of Nagaland—and heels. The lace adds a touch of femininity to the look, while the Mekhela makes for a bold, stand-out drape. I feel my best when I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing. And that’s what I’ve done here...played with pieces that are comfortable as well as stylish. Normally, I like to wear a white collared shirt with snug blue jeans and trendy sneakers during the day. And a loose, flowy, white dress with matching, strappy sandals for the night. I got this photograph taken outdoors...I wanted the background to complement the outfit, but not overpower it. And the lush greens around me serve the purpose well. I’m sitting on a wooden chair, over a pillow so as to stay comfortable while striking the pose. It was an amazing experience.”