Celeb Drape Stylist Dolly Jain Shows You 5 Chic Ways to Wear a Sari

The master of over 325 styles of sari draping shares how you can wear one sari in different ways to suit any occasion.  

Celeb Drape Stylist Dolly Jain Shows You 5 Chic Ways to Wear a Sari

The Mermaid Style

"This style is suitable for almost all body types especially for the ones rocking gorgeous curves. This kind of drape has a slimming, tapering effect. The lower portion of the sari is draped in such a way that it looks like a skirt and there are only two pleats made in front. One must pick a sari with a heavy pallu or embellished border for the mermaid style look."

Sari with a dupatta

It's all about unleashing your inner creativity with this one. This draping style created by Dolly Jain gives an elegant and royal look. While a lehenga Saree spruces up your entire look, a dupatta drape adds some much-needed royal drama.

This style of draping is for times when you want to really turn up the elegance and sophistication while still being fun. All you have to do is drape your sari normally and tuck one end of the dupatta on the right side of your waist.

Then, go ahead and drape it from under your left arm and throw it over your right shoulder like a sari pallu.

Sari over pants

Want to up the fun factor? You can opt for the pant style sari.

For this, all you need is to switch your usual petticoat with a pair of jeggings or leggings.

Add a crop top or the usual sari blouse and your go-to pair of heels.

Just start by pleating one end of the sari as you would want to drape it, pinning it up and tucking it into your pants at the centre and then the other end can be draped as a dupatta across the shoulders in various ways.

Sari over lehenga

Like traditional sari, one can wear lehenga style sari over a skirt along with a beautifully designed blouse.

But, you do need to perfect your pleating skills for this one. This look is achieved with the help of several pleats tucked around the waist giving an illusion of a lehenga.

This is the perfect sari outfit for ladies who are not comfortable with usual draping and pleating that the regular sari demands.

Waterfall drape

This gorgeous, bohemian draping style gives you the ease of movement, looks great and is easy-peasy if you already know the regular draping style.