8 Street Style Looks to Inspire Your Work From Home Fashion

We took the battle of the best-dressed to people’s homes (hello, social distancing!), and were impressed by your style choices and accessory picks.

Menka Mishra, 24

“Channelling my inner diva, I opted for this bold red number with puffed sleeves. Complementing it are my conch shell and beaded strings, layered to perfection, along with a pair of drop earrings for an extra dose of glamour.”

Saraf, 33

“I’ve upgraded my basic yellow top with the help of this beach-appropriate shell neckpiece and straw hat, both a huge rage right now. With a bright pink lip and winged eyes, this look is my ode to summer.”

Mitali Narkheda, 20

“What is life without a bit of drama? I decided to dress up this basic, black cropped top-and-cycling shots combo with a grey blazer and some of my favourite accessories. Like the bejewelled ‘BABE’ choker, silver link anklets (that I wore over my boots for a fun twist), and matching link-chain sunglasses. The bubblegum-pink backpack is just the pop of colour I needed to finish strong.”

Diya Basu, 21

“Layering a neon-green bikini top with a mint-green button-down and a faux leather jacket is my version of the quintessential ‘city girl’. An oversized pair of sunnies and a statement bag finish the look.”

Gracee Nabiyal, 20

“This entirely pale-pink outfit is my idea of comfort on a hot day, and a great alternative to an all-white sartorial choice. I wanted to glam it up with the help of accessories, hence all this gold...multi-chain belt, hoops, and a chained handbag.”

Jomter Karlo, 21

“Going for a cool, casual vibe, I wore a checked crop top and high-waisted jeans. Allowing my accessories to be the focal feature of this look, I went for a matching checked bandana and cow print handbag. Silver hoops and rectangular shades work perfectly for the laid-back look.”

Prerna Massey, 21

“To balance out this dominantly-grey look, I chose a lacey bralette in white, which also adds a touch of feminine sophistication. To make the mix even more interesting, I opted for a red pout, and accessorised with a pair of fun, bright sunglasses and on-trend pewter heels.”

Sapna Rai, 21

“I like mixing and matching silhouettes and fits. Here, I have worn a black oversized tee, over a pair of snug cycling shorts. The gold chain belt cinches the waist, to add both definitions as well as a hint of bling.”