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The Must-Have Face Accessory You Need to Try This Season

  Check out the coolest nose rings to wear now!

Nose rings have always been a significant part of our tradition and in some cultures are also seen as a coming-of-age ritual as they embrace womanhood. With the resurgence of punk, goth, and androgynous aesthetics, the nose ring seems to be everywhere. Cue: All eyes were on Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West twinning at the Couture week. Others like Willow Smith, Emma Chamberlain, FKA Twigs, and Florence Pugh are often seen sporting septum piercing. If you are sceptical about getting a piercing right away, Indian designers are offering various alternatives, from clip ons, cuffs, to studs, and everything in between. Here are some of our favourites for you to pick…

Sejal Nose Jewelry, Baka Jewelry, Rs. 4,500

Leonarda Noir Septum Ring, Outhouse, Rs. 6,000

Oasis Nose Pin, Suhani Pittee, Rs. 3,200

Septum Nose Ring, Bhavya Ramesh, Rs 600

Kaafi Nose Piece, Misho Designs, Rs. 2.060

Septum Nose Rings, Dhora, Rs. 1,000

Criss Cross Earring + Nose Pin, Roma Narsinghani, Rs 7,500