The 9 Kinds of Lingerie Every Girl Owns (Or Should Own)

Lingerie that is sexy, kinky—or just the most comfortable ever—this is your ultimate dictionary!

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    The Garter Belt

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    Triangular Cups

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    The Underwire Bra

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    The Sports Bra

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    The Bikini Brief

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    ​The G-String

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    ​The T-Shirt Bra

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    ​The Thong

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    The Strapless Bra


  • Whether you're using these lacy nothings to hold up your stockings, or simply to match your pretty underwear for play time, garters make the boys go crazy!

    1. Panty Rs. 42,950, and garter belt Rs. 54,935, approx, both @agentpro-vacateur.com

    2. French lace panty Rs. 1,800, and Cabret garter belt Rs. 3,290, both Agaline

  • Perfect for the petite girl, the triangle cupped bra offers medium support and some sexy skin show. Usually non-padded and unlined, the lace versions are undeniably sexy.

    1. Millie Drawing Lace Soft Cup, Stella McCartney, Rs. 6,230 approx, @net-a-porter.com

    2. Miss Daisy Bra, Rs. 2,620 approx, @coggles.com

  • Not just for well-endowed girls, the underwire bra offers great support and helps give your breasts a flattering, curvy shape.

    1. Elm Bra, Bwitch, Rs. 2,059

    2. Plunge underwired bra, Avirate, Rs. 699

  • Your workout regime needs a sports bra. Designed to support your twins during physical activity, these are more reliable than a regular bra, and are available in light and extra support.

    Ess Graphic bra, Puma, Rs. 1,799

  • This type of underwear is incredibly comfortable—and can be equally sexy. Available in string bikini style and normal bikini cut, it offers maximum coverage.

    1. Bikini panty, Enamor, Rs. 200
    2. Bikini panty, Bwitch, Rs. 599

  • This naughty piece of underwear helps you avoid that dreaded panty line, while still letting you unleash your inner stripper (Goddess).

    1. G-string, CK, Rs. 765

    2. Printed G-string, La Senza, Rs. 450

  • Your everyday best friend, these seamless bras are engineered to stay hidden underneath even the thinnest of fabrics.

    1. T-shirt bra, Jockey, Rs. 649

    2. T-shirt bra, Triumph, Rs. 719

  • The go-to underwear for when you've got an outfit that simply cannot have a visible pantyline. Try them in a pretty lace for extra sexy points.

    1. Floral lace thong, Marks & Spencer, Rs. 569

    2. Thong, La Senza, Rs. 499

  • The perfect solution to this-season's off-shoulder tops and tube dresses, the strapless bra is a must-have. Tip: sometimes, a smaller size than usual offers better support.

    1. Strapless bra, Triumph, Rs. 1,299

    2. Strapless bra, Penny, Rs. 1,195