11 Bra Tips, Tricks, and Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Convert your regular bra into a racerback bra, make your strapless bra stay on all night, and more




​Ah, bras—you're supportive and all, but you can also be terribly annoying. 

As any woman over the age of 12 will know, bras come with their own set of problems—like when their wire sticks out (ouch!) or when a strapless bra turns into an A-hole and refuses to stay put.

Good for us then that the kind peeps at Buzzfeed have made this super-useful video revealing some great bra hacks—including how to check if a bra is the right size for you, exactly how to wash your innewear, how to convert a regular bra into a racerback one, and more.

Check out the video, below, and don't forget to pass on this info to a friend in need (…is a friend indeed, yo!)

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up3nW0vUpFc[/youtube]