Here's How To Dress Like Sonam Kapoor

whatever your budget!




Sonam Kapoor's style could not be more perfect! Her gorgeous head-to-toe looks requires a combination of fantastic clothes, killer shoes, stunning makeup/hair, and of course, her super talented glam squad. Since most of us are not lucky enough to have a full team pick out our wardrobe *sad face*, we have put together a list of essentials that Sonam is rarely seen without. Make these essentials a core part of your wardrobe and become a fashionista in no time! 

1) Wear pointy shoes!
Sonam is always seen wearing stunning, pointed shoes, so be sure to pick up at least once pair for your closet.

2) Invest in oversized sunglasses!
The go to sunglasses for Sonam to hide from the paps, while looking chic as ever! 

3) Wear red lipstick!
Stunning red lipstick has become Sonam's go-to lip colour! 

4) Wear your hair in a low, sleek bun.
One of Sonam's favourite hairstyle is the middle parted, down bun, which compliments all of her outfits!

5) Buy a choker! 
Sonam is totally digging the hottest accessory at the moment: The choker necklace.

6) Wear black - head to toe! 
When in doubt, wear all black! 

7) Think outside the box! 
Sonam rarely stays in her comfort zone and always looks to dress unique, so if you want to dress like her, think different! 

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