5 Cosmo Girls Borrow Clothes from Their Boyfriend's Closet!

...and give them their own fash-forward spin.

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    Ankita Jain, 23, Communication Design Student

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    Taarika Dave, 24, Lifestyle Coach

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    Seher Khan, 22, Stylist and Digital Artist

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    Sanchi Nasta, 26, Social Media Consultant

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    Shelly Sarkar, 30, Fashion Blogger


  • "My boyfriend's crisp white shirt against a grey one of my own, paired with a tweed corset belt—the perfect amalgam of his style and mine."

  • "I'm currently obsessed with plaid, so I decided to layer his shirt with my own, rolling up the sleeves for a snug fit."

  • "His joggers paired with my faux leather crop top makes for a perfect sports-inspired look."

  • "I love how rock'n'roll bomber jackets make me feel, but barely own any. Fortunately, my partner owns a tonne!"

  • "Swapping my top with my husband's tees adds a fun element to a typically feminine look, and camouflages that muffin top so well!"