Cosmo Exclusive: We've Found the One-Stop Shop For All Your Needs

From skincare to stationary to clothes and more...the MUJI store is where you need to be at RN!




We've always been fascinated with departmental stores where you can find anything and everything under one roof. But there's only one problem...they're departmental stores, which means they sell mass-produced things with zero personality. What if we told you there was a way you could shop everything you ever wanted, and the stuff was not only amazingly unique, but also very chic. Surprised? We were too (pleasantly, of course) when we heard that MUJI is opening up its third store in the country at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi (after Mumbai and Bengaluru). And obviously we wanted to share it with our Cosmo sisters first!

The Japanese lifestyle retail brand is known for offering a great variety of products ranging from skincare to furniture, homeware, and electronics, among other things, and its minimalist aesthetic. The brand is already huge internationally, with a presence in over 25 countries, and we can't wait to shop our hearts out in New Delhi—especially stationary and skincare products.

What's amazing is that MUJI has displayed some of their most iconic products at an exhibition at the mall, for all of us to get acquainted with the brand's aesthetics and ideology.

It's only on till May 7, so hurry girls!