8 Ways to Wear a Bikini Off the Beach

Get the most out of your bikini even when you're not laying out.

You love your bikini, so there's no reason to put it away when you're not at the beach or pool. Check out the video below for some fun styling ideas, modeled by Cosmopolitan.com's own senior social media editor, Madeline Haller.

1. Bikini + Sarong + Blazer

A structured jacket adds polish to a simple sarong, turning it into the perfect post-beach drinks or dinner outfit.

2. Bikini + Lace Cover-Up + Miniskirt

Layer a skirt  over  your cover-up so a little bit of the hem peeks out from the bottom.

3. Bikini + Low-Cut Top + Denim Shorts

When you are showing off a lot of skin, a low, chunky shoe keeps the look from feeling too done-up.

4. Bikini + Plaid Shirt + Miniskirt

Knot your shirt instead of tucking it in. It's a great way to accentuate your waist without adding bulk and awkward lumps under your skirt.

5. Bikini + Cropped Jacket + Flared Skirt

For a more figure-flattering look, make sure your skirt sits up at your natural waist, not down around your hips.

6. Bikini + Overalls

Make sure your overalls are slouchy enough that you can wear them low on your hips, then just cuff them to the length you want.

7. Bikini + Cardigan + Pencil Skirt

Matching your bikini to your top, bottom, or both will add an extra layer of polish to your look.

8. Bikini + Sheer Midi Dress + Moto Jacket

Whenever possible, wear your jacket on your shoulders. It just looks cooler.

By Charles Manning

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