Nokia 3310 Makes a Quirky, New Comeback!

90s kids, are you listening?




Remember when you could leave the house without a phone charger? Well, those days have made a comeback and so has the mother of all phones, in the history of phones.

Any guesses? Well, no points for guessing even if you did.

Nokia 3310 is the first phone that comes to your mind when you talk about durability and strength. And now, for style too.

How, you ask? It's because the vibrant new comeback has more than just technology up its sleeve.

After starring in like a million memes on the Internet for being indestructible, the brand has given it a refreshing new make-over.

Yes, you read that right. The strong and powerful companion to your smartphone is ready to deliver the same old reliability with a touch of fashion this time. Gone are the days where you'd take a tacky, shiny cover that doesn't really match with your outfit (your friends are scared to tell you about).

This pebble shaped, adorable phone is set to up your styling game in no time.

If you are a retro buff, this should literally be your go to accessory ATM. It comes in bold shades that stand out to fit your "it" wardrobe perfectly.

The striking new comeback also brings to you 4 bright colors to choose from – Warm Red and Yellow, both in a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey, both in a matte one.

What's new about the phone, doesn't stop at that! Besides amp-ing up your fashion game, this 'fashionable new accessory' features beautiful push buttons and a chic design to get your #OOTD photos right.

Prepared to fill your Insta feed with this pretty phone yet?

So, amp up with your #OOTDs and #OOTNs and escape into the world of the legendary Snake game, just like the good old days, peppered with a touch of style!

Read on to see what you can pair with this smart accessory to be the new IT girl. IT being Information Technology in this context!?

*? *

This Warm Yellow Nokia 3310, paired with printed outfits and quirky accessories and elaborate sleeves are like a lemon blast in a summer afternoon, to your mood of dressing.

The Grey coloured 3310 is the ultimate accessory for all things metallic. Bring the retro streak back with this this fashionable accessory and declare it fashionable again.

Dark Blue 3310 pairs best with embroidered denims, long sleeved jackets, denim trench coats and even flared pants that are all the rage RN!

Ruffles, peplum and everything tangy gels along best with this strikingly bold red variant.