Running Late For Work? Here Are 5 Super Easy Single Pieces You Can Throw On!

Your quick fashion fix!




You could have sworn you slept for just five more minutes, but time is playing tricks on you
and you're now an hour late! Don't panic! Here's how to look great for work without wasting any more time.

1.A Jumpsuit. It's quick-to-wear, comfy and styling is a no brainer! Pair it with a plain or patterned jacket and a pair of heels, and you're good to go!

2. A Playsuit. If you work in a relaxed environment, this is another quick and easy solution! You can go for a sleeveless one, or a playsuit with fun kimono sleeves. Added bonus: It doubles as a post-work outfit!

3. The Midi. If you're running late, throw on a knee-length 'Midi' dress in a plain colour, and pair with a bright cardigan, jacket, or denim shirt! Done.

4. The Shirt Dress. They're cute and take far less time to style. A simple belt to give your waist some definition, or a bow tie if you're feeling funky, and you're all set.

5. Dungarees. Team a plain pair with a checkered shirt, or the reverse of it - and you'll be out the door in minutes!

By Kunmi Omisore

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