Barbie Has an Alter Ego!

And she's a coffee-drinking, beanie-toting, adventure-seeking bohemian. #blessed




Life is about moments: don't wait for them, create them! Tee hee. Socality Barbie is a virtual rage for a reason-she's helping us live our most 'authentic' life.

Imagined by an anonymous Portland-based wedding photographer, Barbie's alter ego first appeared on Instagram on June 2 this year. She's been giving us major travel envy ever since as she explores the unexplored Pacific North West through her bespectacled vision.

Of course, she's a firm believer in community living. When she isn't losing herself to wilderness, she's discovering hipster coffee houses and sipping on impeccably presented artisanal coffee. Not before taking a picture (or 20), of course!

Your 101 on how to live the bohemian life: 

(By Karishma Rajani)