Fashion Girl Problems




Everybody automatically assumes your life is super glamourous, just like the movies, to match that to-die-for wardrobe of course.

They also assume all your friends looked like they've stepped out of the glossies-and that together you'd give Taylor Swift's entourage a run for its money.

Something about your wardrobe makes people a little self-conscious about theirs, because they think you're secretly summing their outfit up.

To be completely honest, you are secretly summing everybody's outfits up.

You may forget names, but you'll distinctly remember what people were wearing.

Every perfect memory must be accompanied by the perfect outfit.

Putting the perfect outfit together makes you feel rather accomplished. 'I can take over the world now. Yes!'

You're all about attention to detail. For instance, the colour of that paisley print carefully matches the soles of your shoes.

Your styling ideas are obviously pure genius. Sadly, a lot of people don't necessarily get it. 'Culottes what? Are you talking about oversized bermudas that awkwardly end around your calf.'

Sometimes you make important decisions based what you're wearing. 'I think I should bake some pie. I'm giving a very warm Martha Stewart-vibe in this dress.'

You're a sale aficionado. You know exactly when to visit to get your hands on the best stuff and at the best prices.

You're on first name basis with the local thrift store guys.

When it comes to shopping, you're everybody's plus one.

And their 3am friend. 'Do these jeans go with these shoes? Is it not cool to wear skinnys anymore? What does normcore even mean?' And some of this comes from your very straight guy friends too.

When it comes to trends, you're undeterred. Stripes with plaid with sequins with horses. Honey, you'll try everything at least once! Chances are, you'll actually rock it!

Your idea of adventure is shopping for 12 hours non-stop. Omg adrenaline!

There's no right answer to how many times in a week you go shopping.

And nobody better than you knows there's no such thing as too many clothes!