These Cute Cats in Colorful Kimonos Are All You Need To Get Through Today

Konnichi Wa you stylish felines, you.




We were pretty bowled over by George, the almost human cat, and then we discovered these Japanese cats who may even be more stylish than humans. We know Japan's famous for kimonos and kats (sounds better with a 'k' right?) so we weren't surprised that the two decided to get together. These cats have styled themselves in an array of colorful kimonos. Result? Too cool to handle. We're pretty sure Waffles is jealous of their style, 'cause we sure as hell are.

Japanese pet owners literally treat their pets like children (what with customized prams and cat-island holidays) and clearly do everything to make sure they're Queen Bee (or at least dressed for the part). And here's proof. Remember that one time when Regina George totally rocked that cut out shirt, and then everybody was wearing one because they saw Regina wearing one? Well these cats are Regina 2.0 because thanks to them all you basic kitties out there can work them cat-sized-kimonos too -  they're available online now!

By Rijuta Agarwal

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