How A New Bra Can Change Your Life

Tackling these annoying health niggles could be as simple as buying new lingerie!




Tackling these annoying health niggles could be as simple as buying new lingerie!

A good bra will not only give support and comfort, it can also go a long way to maintain good breast health. In fact, you might not even realise that many of your nagging body troubles stem from ill-fitting lingerie. Here are some surprising revelations about the problems your bra could be causing...

The problem: Stomach aches A recent study by the British School of Osteopathy has linked ill-fitting bras to breathing difficulties and digestive problems. "Most bras push into the rib cage and the middle ribs are held tightly in a bra, hence the upper ribs have to work harder in order for you to breathe. This effect of compressing the rib cage can be dramatic enough to affect digestion," says Charles Hunt, Principal of the School.

The cure: Kate Horrell, fitting expert for figleaves.com, suggests you avoid restrictive bras whenever possible and, instead, go for a supportive singlet. "This will reduce the pressure of the band around your body," she says.

The problem: Skin issues Bras that do not support the breast correctly can cause skin problems. If the weight of the breasts is mostly supported by the shoulder straps, these can dig in and cause angry red welts to develop. Hunt explains,"Often a problem with underwired bras is rubbed skin, which could cause fungal infections to develop underneath. They can push into the tissue, and this constant rubbing and poking can lead to lesions, marks and sores."

The cure: "Wear a bra that does not use underwires and make sure you can comfortably place a finger under your bra strap. Comfy straps hold the breast in its natural position away from the body preventing any skin problems," says Horrell.

The problem: Headaches "Traditional bras are breast-focussed and create an imbalance in posture. This puts pressure on the vertebrae at the top of the back and the bottom of the neck, and this pressure can cause a thick, dull migraine type headache across the forehead and above the eye," says Hunt.

The cure: Horrell suggests, "If the underband of your bra rolls up when you raise your arms, the bra is too loose and will not give you proper support. The underband should fit firmly against the body so that it does not slide about when you move."

The problem: lumpy flesh An undersized bra can cause a lot more problems that just irritation. It can lead to your breasts looking lumpy, making it much harder to detect something like cancer. Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, authors of Dressed To Kill, explain that the external pressure of the bra constricts the lymphatic vessels and prevents proper draining of the breast tissue, leading to fluid accumulation in the breast.

The cure: "Try to go bra-less a often as you can. Allowing your breasts to move in an unrestricted space will help get rid of the fluif accumlation," advises Horrell.