This Model Paid Tribute to David Bowie Whilst Walking the Burberry Runway

And it was totally unplanned.




After news hit yesterday that the legendary David Bowie had passed away at 69 years of age, the whole world took to social media to pay tribute.

It just so happens that the Burberry Fall 16 menswear show was due to take place at the same time, so it comes as no surprise that the high end brand paid their respects in their own amazing way.

As guests arrived at the show in London's Kensington Gardens, there were Bowie classics playing in the background. These continued to play after the show was done as well. The models were sent down the runway with Ziggy Stardust inspired eye makeup which, according to Burberry's chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, was a last minute decision. 

"I was just going to put it on one male model, then suddenly they all wanted it," he said.

The music choice for the show was also changed to more sombre tones, created by London-based singer and pianist, Benjamin Clementine, and they included fitting tracks called "Condolence" and "Adios".

"It didn't feel right to do a show that was celebratory today, when the news is so profoundly sad," said Bailey.

But the most profound moment of all, and one we are assuming will go down in history, was when model, Hayett McCarthy, decided she would take the tribute into her own hands – literally.

As the model approached the end of the runway, where the swarms of photographers are waiting, McCarthy opened her hands to reveal the word "Bowie" spread across her right and left palms. Apparently the move was not a planned part of the runway show, but rather her own personal tribute, which the Burberry team fully supported.

David Bowie's influence in the fashion world was beyond measure, so we're totally humbled by Burberry's last minute tributes for the brightest Starman that ever did shine.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au