STOP EVERYTHING! We've Been Pronouncing the Brand Name 'Zara' Wrong This Whole Time!





Apparently nothing is as it seems in the world of fashion brand names...

The latest metaphoric rug that has been pulled from under our feet is the pronunciation of 'Zara', which you wouldn't be ridiculed for mistakingly pronouncing it as it sounds!

When Refinery29's team hung out with the Zara team, the mistake was discovered:

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BBDswrMMjjM/[/instagram]

So it sounds like 'tsada', instead of 'Zara', with a 'z' and and 'r', because the brand originated in Artexio, Spain and this is how the dialect of that region goes!

So there you go, show off your superior fashion brand name pronouncing game like a pro!