Everyone Who's ANYONE in Fashion Turned Up for This Charity Event!

And when you hear what cause it was for, you'll know why...




​The Fashion A-List gathered at the Henry Lawson Club at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi not so much for a regulation Cosmo-and-Catch-up, but to band together for a cause so beautiful, it'll warm the cockles of your heart.

The charity fundraiser was a dinner and fashion event hosted by Spread A Smile, an organisation that labours to provide street children that beg at traffic lights and signals with food, clothing, education and soon, vocational training. 

"I started Spread A Smile one day, when I found a few kids on the road, begging, and I literally took them home and hosed them off with a garden pipe! I fed them, and I was looking at them, thinking, 'there has to be more I can do'," says Sangita Mehra, the Founder of the organisation. 

"I started with 10 children, and now we're upto 170 kids! We take care of their meals, we send them to school—and that involves dealing with a lot of resistance from their parents as well—and now, we're trying to set up a vocational training centre where they can learn skills and get quality jobs later," she adds.

The event was hosted by Vikram Baidyanath and Anish Chanana, with them choosing to hold it at   the Australian High Commission, since a number of the diplomats and their families have been  supporting the school since 2015.  Sangita saw a lot of her friends from the fashion industry come forward to support the cause—including Pia Pauro and Malini Ramani.

"There's an energy about Sangita that's infectious," Malini tells us. "And what she's doing is so admirable! You should see the kids she works with! They are just the shiniest, happiest children! She's teaching them skills, sending them to school—and they're all so sweet. Great dancers too, I might add!" she smiles.

It was, however, her chance encounter with Pia Pauro that spearheaded the event and put it in motion. "I met Sangita at a yoga retreat in Gokarna, and when I heard what she does, I had to be part of it," Pia tells us.  "So when we came back,  I managed to rope in Rohit [Gandhi] and Rahul [Khanna], and various other people, and we put the fundraiser together—we sold over 200 tickets!" she says, happily. "I'm so proud of how everyone's come forward to help. Rehabilitating these amazing children that live on the street is as noble a cause as they come. We all want to do as much as we can to support it."

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