Sabyasachi's Flagship Store Has Opened Up in Delhi and It's Spectacular

It houses 112 antique carpets. 'Nuf said!

​Hand-fired Portugese tiles, antique mirrors, vintage photographs, lithographs, hand painted chandeliers, antique furniture, block printed chintz, ottar bottles collected from the lanes of Delhi—no, this isn't a Arts and Crafts Museum, or a vintage boutique. This is what Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's flagship store in New Delhi looks like. 

Think of all the museums you've been to, all the royal palaces you've marvelled at, all the traditional arts and crafts that have left you awestruck. The 13,500 sq ft Sabyasachi store divided by a heritage monument and a grand staircase is all of that rolled into one. 

Divided into two wings, the first one houses women's bridal wear, jewellery by Kishandas and Co for Sabyasachi, and trunks by the Trunks Company, Jaipur.

In the second wing, you can find his ready-to-wear collection, sarees, kurtas and his menswear collection. Along with his recently launched accessories line and more trunks and luggage by the Trunks Company, Jaipur.

Quite the grand set up isn't it? Now along with looking like royalty, even the shopping experience at Sabyasachi befits a royal. 

It's nothing like you've seen before. Tucked away in Haveli no 6 to 8 in Kutub Serai, Mehrauli, Sabyasachi's store is magnificent. 

We won't be surprised if it became a tourist attraction soon enough.