Five Women SLAM Fat-Shaming Designers In this Brilliant Video!

"All their clothes are for skinny girls. But the average Indian girl is NOT skinny!"




​A while ago, a woman was told to 'go to the gym' when she asked for her size at a designer clothing store in Mumbai. Turns out, that's not as uncommon an occurrence as it ought to be. Recently, a wedding planning portal called WedMeGood put together a video with curvy brides, who talked about the very real struggles of being body-shamed as a woman —and how the pressure mounts infinitely when they're faced with the big day. 

They go on to talk about how they all love their food—and the first thing you have to do is give up eating the things you love. They all endorse being fit, but find it hard and sad that they need to survive in such a size-ist culture.

"I wish I could walk into a store, try on something and walk out with it—but I can'y," a girl in the video says, wistfully, while another points out the sexist flipside of this wedding stereotype. "The groom can look whatever way he wants, but the bride? Oh, she needs to be PERFECT." 

The video is an extremely enlightening one, that not only highlights the throbbing size-ist pulse of our culture, but how sexist that the body-shaming really is. 

Watch the video here...

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