Sneak Peek: Malini Ramani's AIFW Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection Will Blow Your Mind

Quite literally! We've got all the deets right before the show.




​Designer Malini Ramani is known for easy-breezy silhouettes that bring out the sexy in you. Every season, she creates clothes that have nothing to do with trends but more to do with how you can be the best version of you. "I never look at trends, never have!" says Malini. We caught up with the designer to get all the dope on her AIFW Autumn/Winter 2016 collection right before the showing.

So tell us about the new collection?

"My new collection is called Supernova. It means a star that suddenly shines bright because of an explosion. And hence, this collection is meant for the confident woman who shines brightly from within."

What kind of silhouettes have you worked with this time around?

"Supernova features all of my favourite silhouettes—jumpsuits, capes, harem pants, sarees, and more. You'll see a lot of embroidery in gold, and peacock motifs. In terms of colours, the collection features a lot of blacks, whites, and ombrés."

What's the inspiration behind the collection? Did you have a muse in mind while conceptualizing Supernova?

"The collection is inspired by me—I am my own muse. I design everything keeping myself in mind…things that I would like to wear. I feel that if you design keeping someone else in mind, then their personality comes out in those clothes… As a designer I've always tried to create clothes that I fancy and would love to wear."

Your top picks from the collection…

"The saree with a hooded choli, the black and white waistcoat in cheese cloth, and the fringed dress."