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5 Simple Ways to Look Taller In Photos!

Blogger Chriselle Lim teaches you how to fake supermodel height!

Chriselle Lim from knows how to fake supermodel height!

Posing Tip 1

"Add three inches to your height by taking pictures from a lower angle. Position your camera slightly below your waist and angled upwards."

Posing Tip 2

"Create the perception of a longer frame by crossing one leg over the other. This will elongate them."

Posing Tip 3

"Extend your legs by taking long strides. Taking one large step forward will always add an extra dimension to any photo."

Posing Tip 4

"Have your body fit the entire frame to play with proportions. This tricks the mind into thinking you are the largest object."

Posing Tip 5

"Wear high waisted bottoms to elongate the lower half of your body. Remember, the flared, the better!"