The House of Misu Girls on How to Shop Like a Pro!

Their #1 tip: go to flea markets for vintage accessories!




Where do you like shopping the most?

Mitali & Sumaiya: "Tiny, obsolete boutiques in various cities round the globe are the best. You find the most amazing one-of-a-kind pieces there. We also love going to flea markets for vintage accessories."

What' is your top tip to being a better shopper?

M&S: "Spend on staple pieces that add versatility to your wardrobe more than you do on seasonal stuff that will go out of fashion quickly."

What's the one thing shoppers should be on the lookout for?

M&S: "Pieces that can be used to create multiple looks!"

What are the classic pieces that shoppers should aim to buy?

M&S: "Wide leg trousers, something in a skater silhouette (think a skirt or dress!), tea-length skirts, and a shift blouse."