Cosmo Chats With Manish Arora About Life, Fashion and his Collaboration with Koovs

"I think it's high-time men started wearing more colour"




Cosmo: Your first time doing menwear! That must've been exciting!

Manish Arora: "Oh, it was! I've never done it before, so it was uncharted territory. But ​I never thought that my first menswear line would have the kind of strong reach it does. It's also my first time designing for online buyers."

C: So how different is it, designing for online buyers versus for the runway?

MA: "Incredibly, vastly different because of one key thing—you have to realise that the online buyer cannot try what you're selling. You have to keep that in mind and, in turn, create silhouettes that are easily adaptable. It should be something that doesn't disappoint the customer once it arrives."

C: The tie-up with KOOVs in particular, though—how'd that come about?

MA: "We started a discussion, and I think it was the moment they pitched menswear to me that I was sold. I had never thought about it, but I was really glad someone else had."

C: And have the signature Manish Arora prints and colour-palatte made their way into the collection?

MA: ​ "Oh, of course! That's my personality—it's what I do. I also think it's high time that men started wearing more colour and more prints."

C: Has designing menswear been more or less challenging than designing womenswear?

MA: ​ "I think every type of design process is equally taxing, but in this case, it's really the online part that's been the real challenge; because it's unlike anything i've ever done before." 

C: And how do you find a balance between KOOVS prices and Manish Arora prices?

MA: ​"Well, really, KOOVS does most of that. I express my ideas and put together my designs, and KOOVS helps us to make it cheaper because of the vendors they have. So worrying about making things cheap is not something I'm really worried about. They know what I have in mind, and they help me execute it with their price-range."

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