7 Awesome Women Show Cosmo Their Favourite Denim Piece...

Styling: Zunaili Malik , Photographs: Sarang Sena

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    Archana Vijaya

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    Rimzim Dadu

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    Anahita Dhondy

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    Ridhi Mehra

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    Shalini Jaikaria

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    Carol Singh

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    Payal Pratap


  • VJ and Entrepreneur

    "So, when the whole boyfriend jeans/mom jeans thing became a legit trend, I scoured my mum's closet for these ones. except, I snipped away their dowdy-factor by going nuts with a pair of scissors! Voilà—DIY denims with family history!"

  • Designer, My Village By Rimzim Dadu

    "These shorts are so old—and I can never wear them without thinking of the one incredibly important incident we share. I went backpacking for a month, and I kid you not, I lived only on a few t-shirts and this pair of denim shorts! That's why I love them— they're comfy and they go with everything."

  • Head Chef, SodaBottleOpenerWala

    "I picked this skirt up from Zara london, and it's been a staple ever since. I love how it works with absolutely everything— from lunch to a night-out. I think a skirt is an original way to wear denim, and I'm very attached to this piece."

  • Designer, Ridhi Mehra

    "I bought this shirt-jacket on the first trip I took after my wedding—and it's got this nostalgic travel-value to it now. I can't take a trip without it! Plus, it's that thickish kind of fabric that makes it perfect for super-cold airports!"

  • Designer, Geisha Designs

    "I've had these jeans in my closet for 10 years—I lived out my college days in jeans, and I swore to myself when i got pregnant with my son that, one day, I'd get back in these jeans. They're symbolic of how I reclaimed my body and got back to the size I promised myself I would."

  • Co-Founder, Antidote Juices

    "These jeans are not the silhouette I usually go for—except that they're high-waisted. But I'd never done wide-legged crops before. These ones are special, though, because they arrived the day I was doing my first video blog—and they inspired it! We did the episode on how to make your hips look slimmer in jeans, and you're looking at the muse."

  • Designer, Payal Pratap

    "This denim suit means a lot to me for two reasons—one, my husband made it, and I always keep a souvenir from his collections because I know the excruciating amount of labour that goes into it. Second, because it's a denim pantsuit— other denim pieces are fairly ordinary, but this one is genuinely unique."