5 Cool-Girl Styling Tips You Need to Try Right This Minute!

#5 will definitely bump you to 'It' girl status

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    Midi Skirt + Knee Length Boots

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    Camo-Print Pants + Tux Jacket

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    T-shirt Under a Dress

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    A DIY-Sticker Clutch

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    Style With Safety Pins


  • Jessica Alba knows equestrian style is big right now, and
    pairing high boots with a midi dress or skirt is so chic.

  • A cool way to
    add a feminine touch to camouflage pants is with a fitted blazer or tux jacket
    like Cheryl Cole—an uncommon pairing that actually works!

  • This simple
    styling trick will push your party frock into super-cool territory. Stick to
    monochromes like Emma Stone or shades in the same colour palette as your dress.

  • A statement-making accessory that no-one else will have—just
    stick on your fave cartoon characters or cute cats.

    Cats are always cool!

  • This neat
    styling trick can be done at home—just use a bunch of safety pins to create a
    faux belt that will add instant interest to your look!