Your Horoscope for the Week of May 20

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Two Gemini transits make sense for the sign of the twins! On Tuesday, Gemini season begins and Mercury enters Gemini too, giving the zodiac the power and passion to perceive and communicate as intelligently as possible. A Pisces moon through Memorial Day weekend starts the summer in a soulful style.


Tuesday’s start to Gemini season, along with Mercury adding its magic, gives you the adventure, fun, and curiosity you’re looking for. A dreamy Pisces moon makes you more tender, sensitive, and vulnerable this weekend—don’t be afraid to show your feelings!


You’ll want to manifest more abundance and financial security when Gemini season begins on Tuesday—let Mercury help. Meanwhile, Pisces has you socializing more than usual! Reconnect with your friends, and prioritize spending time with them.


Happy (almost) birthday! Gemini season begins on Tuesday, and Mercury enters your sign too, reigniting your passion and power to make your dreams come true. An ambitious Pisces moon this week inspires you to think about your career goals and how you can harness that birthday energy for success.


Gemini season and Mercury inspire you to rein in the tides and begin releasing the situations that don’t serve your highest and brightest self. The weekend’s adventurous thanks to the Pisces moon, and you'll be motivated to leave the crab shell at home and step out of your comfort zone.


Mercury and Gemini season are helping you with work/life balance, so you can socialize more with friends this spring and enjoy your relationships. This weekend, enjoy the erotic Pisces moon and its sexy, steamy energy.


The beginning of Gemini season on Tuesday strengthens your work ethic so you can make the professional progress you’re dreaming about. Then, this weekend, plan a date night! The romantic Pisces moon puts opposites-attract energy in the air for unlikely suitors—they have a lot to offer you!


Mercury and Gemini season on Tuesday have you jet-setting to far corners of the international and educational worlds. Spend the weekend tending to the details, thanks to the help of a Pisces moon that has you focusing on organization, health, and wellness.


image Getty | Esther Faciane

Gemini season’s start on Tuesday, with the help of Mercury, helps your experiences with trustworthy partners this spring. The Pisces moon this weekend inspires you to confidently communicate feelings confidently—authenticity’s the way in to intimacy.


The most romantic time of your year begins on Tuesday, when Gemini season starts and Mercury helps you harmonize. Ooh la la! The Pisces moon this weekend gives you serious JOMO (the joy of missing out)—you're craving peace and quiet.


Gemini season and Mercury on Tuesday are helping you ground yourself in organization, structure, and wellness for your success. This weekend's Pisces moon makes you curious and articulate in wonderful ways. Let the words flow, and impress others with your intellect!


Gemini season and Mercury are getting you out of the house and flying into socialization, pleasure, and all the things that give you joy. Tend to self-care this weekend—ordered by the Pisces moon—by straightening up your financial responsibilities and organizing your schedule.


Make spring a tender one when Gemini season starts on Tuesday and Mercury enters your home and family zone—reunite with fam and redecorate the apartment. The moon transits your sign this weekend, helping you express your best qualities of empathy, compassion, and wisdom.