Your Taurus Horoscope for the Month of August 2020

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationships - Due to the overpowering influence of Mars you will be in a sensual mood for the whole month, Taurus. Your married life will be serene, owing to the best aspects of the sun. Singles may find plenty of lovers knocking at they doors for this is month for you to walk into the space of love. If you already are in an official relationship you and your partner are likely pass through a rocky phase. However, strong relationships will survive, while the weaker ones will wither. After the 23rd of this month, you will be sure of what you’re looking for in your ideal partner. Ensure that you are the source of peace in your family.

Career & Finance - You are going be overloaded with deadlines and work, Taurus but we do know that you can comfortably combat troubles. If something goes wrong, you will come up with a great solution. In this period you will demonstrate adaptable qualities in your workspace. Your mind will grow to be increasingly sensitive and you will be able to retain chunks of information quickly. This turn out to be beneficial for you. Your leaderships skills will inspire both, your juniors and seniors. It is advisable for you to make financial transactions after the 14th of this month. Saturn will help your maintain a smooth cash flow. So, the money matters aren’t issue for you!

Health & Fitness - This month is a busy period so it’s important for you to look after your health. Don’t let your stress get to you for it can have a taxing impact on you mental and physical state. You have to be smart enough to recharge your batteries for the upcoming day. It can be inferred that this month is for you to focus on the art of physical flexibility through yogic postures and stretches. Be open to consuming lots of liquids and fluid foods as they are the best for you. Also, practicing Tai chi will turn out be helpful.