Your Daily Tarot For Tuesday October 13th

Our in-house Tarot card reader, Honey Grewal, tells us what's in store for your Zodiac sign.

Aries ♈️ 

Your relationships will provide you with a feeling of stability and security. New opportunities will come your way. Should you take your chances and work hard, you may be rewarded with a promotion, a business venture, or a job that truly fulfils you. You will be surrounded by good energy.

Taurus ♉️

The fears you are having these days are not as terrible in reality as they are in your head. You may be struggling with guilt, remorse, insecurity, trusting your partner or mental health issues. You’ll need to understand whether these feelings are truly rational, or caused by anxiety. You should avoid overthinking about your problems and face them head-on instead. You may find that you can work through these issues. You might be experiencing stress and anxiety at work right now. an internal shift may be needed, don't be afraid to seek out professional help. 

Gemini ♊️ 

Though this period may feel a bit lonely, it will place you on the right path of finding a love that you are meant to have.

You may be spending some much-needed time thinking about what you want from your career right now. The path that you are treading at this moment is not really working for you and you will try to understand what kind of work will bring you joy. You are starting to realise that money doesn’t bring you happiness right now and trying to understand where you can truly find fulfilment.

Cancer ♋️ 

A newfound appreciation for sides of your partner that you haven’t seen before will help you look at your relationship from a different angle. You might have trouble putting your feelings into words, hence you use your creative self to express your emotions. You need to stop daydreaming and put effort and hard work into practice to achieve the success that you dream of. Your health is improving and so is your financial condition.

Leo ♌️ 

You might have a hard time expressing your feelings. Your career is flourishing due to your hard work, concentration and organized approach. You are in a position where you can introduce new policies and strategies at work to enhance everybody’s performance. Your health remains good. You are managing personal and professional relationships very well. Overall, a very blessed day is on the cards!

Virgo ♍️

You need to be more conscious of your decisions with your partner, try to keep the communication and trust factor strong and open. There can be lots of options at work and this is generally a good thing, but it may be important to be aware of how much time you need to take steps, and not just dream. First, choose your path and then commit yourself to complete the task. Act decisively and confidently. 

Libra ♎️

Today brings with it an unwelcome, difficult change in circumstances at work. Stay away from arguments and disputes. Do not be too opinionated, as people may take offence. Try to be careful, and choose your words wisely while expressing your viewpoint. Take care of your health and do not dabble with finances.

Scorpio ♏️

You are able to give both emotional as well as materialistic comfort to your partner. You are able to have a clear balance between your head and your heart. There will be some level of financial stability, and this is a result of your cautious nature when it comes to making decisions. Your wisdom and experience over the years will help you take the right decisions, and you will be appreciated for your contribution at work. 

Sagittarius ♐️

As you enjoy and have fun, make sure that you are not hurting others or giving them the wrong impression. Communication will be important, now more than ever. There can be co-dependency in a relationship. You may feel stuck or trapped when it comes to your career. You may feel dependent on your job without the power to make changes that would bring you happiness. Stop playing the victim when it comes to work relations with your colleagues. Rather, try to let go and move on for your own good.

Capricorn ♑️ 

You might be working on your home or collaborating on projects with your partner. Collaboration is the key to your success right now,  as your projects will require different skill sets, experiences, ideas and processes. Support your teammates and trust their expertise. Your health is good.

Aquarius ♒️

Small or petty disputes with your partner can turn into full-blown conflicts if not be handled properly. You are someone who is intelligent, innovative and ambitious. You may have lots of energy and many ideas on the work front. You might take up a new course or training in order to expand your knowledge. Take care of your health and do not make any major financial transactions.

Pisces ♓️

You do not change in order to fit into any bracket and don’t even care about what others think of you. You will find yourself being more open than ever with your partner. You have both the energy and the ability to execute your ideas at work. You approach your work with determination and zest, and you have the energy and passion to lead others. Your health is good. You will be loved and appreciated by your family today.