Your Daily Tarot For Monday November 16th

Our in-house Tarot card reader, Honey Grewal, tells us what's in store for your Zodiac sign.

Aries ♈️ :-

Despite having some arguments, the love between you and your partner remains passionate and deep. On the career front, you will be successful and respected. You might get an opportunity to mentor others. There could be a boom in business. You health is good. You finical condition remains stable.


Taurus ♉️:-

Your are considering beginning a new job, project or business that you are very excited about. Make sure that you have thought through your new venture. You will be receiving positive financial news and an abundance of money and gifts will be coming to you. Exciting new investment opportunities may be coming your way as well. Focus on the emotional needs of your family as well.


Gemini ♊️ :-

You are able to give both emotional as well as materialistic comfort to your partner. You are able to have a clear balance between your head and your heart. There will be some level of financial stability, and this is a result of your cautious nature when it comes to making decisions. Your wisdom and experience over the years will help you take the right decisions, and you will be appreciated for your contribution at work. 


Cancer ♋️ :-

You need to be more conscious of your decisions with your partner, try to keep the communication and trust factor strong and open. There can be lots of options at work and this is generally a good thing, but it may be important to be aware of how much time you need to take steps, and not just dream. First, choose your path and then commit yourself to complete the task. Act decisively and confidently. 


Leo ♌️ :-

You might be thinking of moving to the next step of your relationship, such as marriage or starting a family. You have this sense of wholeness in your relationships. Be proud of yourself, as you have done what you have set out to do when it comes to your career. It could be finding a job that makes you feel fulfilled both spiritually and materially, finishing a project, or opening your own business. Take the time now to enjoy what you have earned. Your health is good. Your financial condition is stable and improving.


Virgo ♍️:-

Expect some of your wishes to come true. There are strong chances of you getting due respect and recognition in your field of work. Whatever projects you start now,  will be easy to finish. Take advantage of this moment and try to expand your social circle. Your financial condition remains stable and your health is good.


Libra ♎️:-

A wonderful cohesiveness and balance in relationships is expected. You will be a part of a pair that works very well together. Also, be careful of the choices you make in picking your partner as it will affect not just you but your social circle as well. There are big decisions that you need to make when it comes to your future career. If you are in a partnership or planning to start work in partnership, then it’s a good time to make the next move. You need to stop being so casual with your health.


Scorpio ♏️:-

Moments of intimacy, compassion and understanding can be reached between you and your partner. Learn to trust what your gut says. There may be happy relations between you and your colleagues. A new project can be full of creativity. This is a good time to learn a new skill or course or take up a new challenge. Push past your fears. Your health is improving and so is your financial condition.


Sagittarius ♐️:-

Some small or petty disputes with your partner, can turn into bigger conflicts if not be handled properly. On the career front, you feel very innovative and ambitious. You may have lots of energy and ideas to put into your career. You might take up a new course or training in order to expand your knowledge. Take care of your health and do not make any major financial transactions.


Capricorn ♑️ :-

On the work front, try to stay away from arguments and disputes. Try not to offend people and choose your words wisely while expressing your point of view. Take care of your health and do not make any major financial transactions.


Aquarius ♒️:-

You must avoid oscillating between extremes. Your relationships may require some patience right now; you need to compromise to find harmony. You are likely to figure out what you desire from your work. Your dedication and ability to handle situations at work with calm will help you win accolades from your seniors. You need to remain patient, steady and devoted; all good things take time. You need to snap out of the lethargy and focus on your health.


Pisces ♓️:-

Keep the line of communication with your partner open, and make sure both of you are aware of each other’s needs. You have found a new purpose or a calling that cannot be ignored and this comes with adjustments that you’ll have to make at your current work place. These sudden changes will bring with them a sense of calmness and peace when it comes to the work front. You need to be more aware about how your actions at your workplace are affecting others. Your health needs care.


Predictions by: Honey Grewal






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