Your Cancer Horoscope For The Month of June 2021

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationship

This month, Cancer compatibility will depend on Venus, Mars, and Mercury. You must allow your partner to love freely, and should enjoy happiness, together. Do not allow seriousness to disturb the harmony in your married life. Planetary aspects will shower you with delight, bliss, and contentment. However, when it comes to family planning, think before planning a pregnancy. For those of you who are single, allow your instincts to take over and keep your doubts and suspicions at bay. There will be opportunities to get into love alliances and you should grab them when they come!


Career & Finance- 

Cancer predictions for the month do not guarantee any promising prospects on the career front. Hard work may not result in financial bliss. Your workplace environment will not be harmonious, and you fail to receive the support of associates and seniors. In spite of efforts from your side, rewards will not be forthcoming. You should enhance your chances of professional advancement in the future by improving your skill set. Charitable activities and religious engagements will offer some amount of mental peace. Cooperation from colleagues will be missing and this will make doing business very difficult. People in creative fields such as fine arts and writing will fail to market their products. Traders and exporters will also struggle to make progress in their respective fields.


Health & Fitness

Your health demands attention this month. You should avoid unnecessary fatigue and medical attention may not be very effective, so take all necessary precaution. Avoid stressful activities and a engage in relaxation methods such as meditation for mental relief. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet will help to some extent.


Predictions: Jai Madaan

Illustration: Nandini Bhattacharya