Your Aries Horoscope for the Month of October 2021

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationships

You may face compatibility problems sometimes during the month. Don't fret, combat the unfavourable astral effects by staying positive and making a firm decision to remain happy and joyous. Your planetary aspects indicate a new relationship, those currently in a committed relationship might experience some upheavals. Try to ensure that all the discussions on financial matters be settled cordially. The last week of the month brings with it disharmony, you may have to make compromises for the sake of your partner. The planets suggest you put all future planning on hold and focus on settling the present discord. If you are single, you might find yourself facing a dilemma and having to make a difficult choice. Seek out the help of your family and friends to help you make a choice. 

Career & Finance

The astral positions indicate some mixed results but the overall mood at work is positive. There might be a few ups and downs in the relationship you share with your colleagues, and this will certainly influence your workplace goals. Focus on advancing your own skills instead. There is a lot of hard work ahead, but you can rest assured that your efforts will yield results. Those employed in the arts should be mindful of minute challenges along the way. You might have to dip into your savings this month. If you are looking to launch your own business, we suggest you wait for more supportive planetary aspects (we will keep you posted). 

Health & Fitness

Marvellous health prospects await! The stars are positioned are favourably, and no chronic diseases will come your way. There may be a few minor health problems and they can be taken care of with prompt medical attention. Your good health will keep you in a good mood, do remember to follow your exercise regime. Get organised to reduce your stress, and add some mindfulness practices to your daily routine.

Predictions: Jai Madaan

Illustration: Nandini Bhattacharya