12 Struggles of Having a Capricorn Best Friend

"Don't you want to be more Kate Middleton than Kylie Jenner?"

​Once you're friends with a Capri, there's no going back, is there? But, chances are, it look you a while to break down her walls and make space for yourself there!

Even now, you probably have to wrestle secrets out of her.

She's probably not a big fan of bear hugs either. "You're disturbing my aura. Kindly maintain a 15cm distance."

Too many feels. Like when you see a starving stray and your being threatens to collapse. That's a Capricorn for you.

And that probably means she's feeling your pain a little more than you are. "She whaaaaaa...?! I'm going to bite that b*tch's head off."

But there's a stealthy sense of practicality within her to balance the emotional side down. "Are you sure Kylie Jenner's bangs will look good on you?"

The trouble is, they won't probably won't. Damn, why is she always right?

She's also classy as f*ck. So, while you're lusting after those bangs, she's silently saying, "Don't you want to be more Kate Middleton than Kylie Jenner?"

Obviously, that comes with a side of good (excellent) manners. Indulge in 'un-ladylike' behaviour in her presence, and prepare to receive the stink eye.

Ditto for poorly constructed sentences. She's probably a grammar Nazi at heart.

Even if she doesn't have a colour coded closet, but she knows exactly what is where. Nobody messes with the Zen of her wardrobe.

She probably loves hand sanitizer more than you.