How to Dress Like Your Star Sign

No two star signs are the same—in personality or sartorial choices. Make sure you’re living your best life by aligning your wardrobe with the stars...

ARIES: 21st March-19th April

Your confidence and strength give you ambitious ideas about your outfits. A look that draws attention and double-takes ticks the boxes for you. Athleisure also suits your chilled nature, even if you’re just watching TV in it.

TAURUS: 20th April-20th May

You’re into luxury. ‘No, thank you’ to throwaway fashion. ‘Yes, please’ to ultra-luxe one-offs. You don’t mind splashing the cash on pieces you know will last a long time. Putting well-matched, elegant, and accessorised looks together is a happy pastime for you.

GEMINI: 21st May-20th June

Back in the ’90s, everyone wore fluorescent T-shirts, cycling shorts, whistles, bucket hats, and white gloves. Well, the wardrobe of the raver is well-suited to Gemini’s fun-loving, hard-partying, and youthful demeanour. You love to play, dance, and feel young and free. Rave on.

CANCER: 21st June-22nd July

A dreamy, imaginative, and mystical hippy chick gliding through life on a cloud of good vibes, you adore feminine, floaty, and floral pieces that make you feel like a spiritual guru. Crystals on every finger? Natural, vegan fibres, and organic shoes? Check.

LEO: 23rd July-22nd August

A major extrovert who loves to stand out from the crowd—not in a wacky, eccentric way, but in an admiration-grabbing ‘WHO TF IS THAT?’ way. Stopping traffic, drawing longing glances, attracting attention—this is the agenda of your wardrobe. Everything has to work hard or go home.

VIRGO: 23rd August-22nd September

Virgos are all about precision, order, and organisation. You like things that match. You like Marie Kondo. You probably have a capsule wardrobe of timeless, elegant pieces that go together perfectly. Nothing sloppy, scruffy, vintage, tie-dyed, or crocheted, thank you very much.

LIBRA: 23rd September-22nd October

Flirting is life for Libra—you’re a natural-born charmer. Your fits tend to be fitted and well-suited to your body shape. Looking good is very important because it boosts your confidence. Your style is feminine, but in secret you love lounging around in your joggers.

SCORPIO: 23rd October-21st November

You like to look rich, powerful, and in control. Status symbols, designer labels, and big, bold statement jewellery are all in play in your dressing room. These bulky items can, in a tight spot (which Scorpios often find themselves in), double as a handy coat of armour. Just saying.

SAGITTARIUS: 22nd November-21st December

You’re a freedom-seeking, independent, outdoors-y free spirit. Your outfits need to be durable, comfortable, unrestrictive, and practical, but you like sexy cowboy boots and animal print, too. You’re into saving the planet, so love natural textures and fibres, and organic, sustainable brands all tick the box.

You’re all about respect...and portraying yourself as a person who’s got their sh*t together. Presenting a ‘take me seriously’ outer shell to the world is important. You like power dressing and designer labels. Clothes are an investment—no frittering cash on fast fashion.

Anything goes here. Seriously, anything. Space suits, vintage ballgowns, giant sequins, see-through mesh leggings, peacock-feather hats... Yes, it’s all a possibility in the eccentric, unique, and wonderful world of Aquarian fashion. You follow trends because you love anything new!

Gentle, romantic, whimsical, and serene... You adore vintage pieces, and the more history, the better. Finding a dress in a dusty old shop that makes you look like a (hot) phantom from the Victorian era, who died pining for a lost love, would send a shiver of joy up your romantic spine. By Astrologer Kerry Ward/Tarotbella Illustrations: Tanya Chaturvedi