Ten Things You Will Only Get if You Are a Taurus

It's your way or the highway, period.

If you are a Taurus , you will understand the world seems to perceive you as some  one who is stubborn , self-indulgent and maybe even a little bit cold and boring. However , there are certain things about belonging to this sun sign that only you can truly understand , no matter how hard you try and explain it to others around you .

1. You cannot compromise on things that are important to you : What others may perceive as your stubborn nature, actually comes from a point of not letting things that are important to you as a person go . You might be easy going about smaller things , but your core values are yours and will never change. Ever!

2.Loyalty is everything : This is extremely key for your personal relationships. whether it is a friend or a lover ,the one thing you can never tolerate is someone not being true to u or deceiving you. On the other hand , someone who is loyal can win your heart forever.

3.You hate change : A change in a perfect routine , a situation or even your immediate environment causes you great distress. You like to keep things exactly the way they are.

4.You find people waaay to emotional : You are extremely emotional under the surface , but have mastered the art of hiding it . You can't for the life of you understand why everyone else cannot do the same .

5.You standards are sky high : You demand excellence and are disappointed by anything that falls short of your expectations in all aspects of life . It exasperates you when you see others around you just 'settle' .

6. You give the best presents : Being extremely generous , you thrive on giving those around you wonderful things . This is even more important to you when it comes to those you love.

7.Discipline is key : What others find boring and routine is  in fact a finely crafted system which gives you immense satisfaction.

8.Hard work keeps you going : You love to be the provider , and run an excellent household . Working hard to earn enough for yourself and those you love stimulates you immensely.

9. You love the finer things in life: Quality is important to you and so is luxury . Indulgence and exclusivity is what makes you the most happy , and you will not think twice about spending half your pay check on a pair of hand made Italian shoes.

and finally....

10. You love all things tactile : From the feel of fine cashmere to a love for soft skin ,you experience the world through your sense of touch . The better something feels , the more you enjoy it .