Your Daily Horoscope For Thursday July 11th

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨

You’ll feel closer to your partner, Aries. Use the positive energies to make make your bond stronger. If you’ve been thinking of redoing your home, start now—you’re feeling super-creative right now. 
Tarot: With two court cards showing up for you, get ready to take charge. Quick decision-making will help you lock down lucrative projects. A man might surprise you today, but tread carefully! 


 A confrontation or tiff at home will leave you upset. While you will be able to sail through, there are chances you might want to take a step back and revisit your equation with people. With Moon in Libra, practising meditation will keep you calm and centred.
Tarot: Taureans, a happy surprise from your partner awaits you. You will find yourself chilling with long lost friends and family around the evening. 

Today is a good day to share your innermost feelings with boo. Keep a check on your anger and control the urge to snap at people. You might want to take up a new hobby or work on your skill set. With Mercury retrograde, things are bound to get delayed.
Tarot: Now that you know what you want to do carer-wise, it’s time to chalk out the future plan. If at all you have a pending decision or judgment, be ready to get the happy news—but you need to be very fair in your dealings. 

Today is a superb day for you, Cancer. You want to concentrate on the home front. Your bond with a sibling or mother will make you feel grounded. There may be a little fluctuation at work. 
Tarot: Major cards, major changes and the beginning to start something new. The stars are ready to favour you. This is the right day to take risks and start something new. A hidden support awaits you! If you plan to take a loan, this is the right time. Renovations at home are around the corner. 

Leos, with Moon in Libra, you might want to go shop for your friends! But avoid spending extra. With Mercury Retrograde, this is a time to take a double check on money. You might lose out a great opportunity because of a delay at work.  Keep a tab on your commitments or a fall out will change how people value you.

Tarot:Today is the perfect day to spend some quality time with your friends. With life giving you many opportunities to celebrate, a reunion with an old friend will bring a smile to your face. Avoid being churlish in personal relationships as it might leave you feeling a little low.



AstrologyVirgos, today is a day when you will be rewarded for your consistent work- not only verbally but also a monetary incentive! A rise in your career is expected, so get ready for some good news. Some of you might feel uneasy and ruffled-up without reason. With Mercury in Retrograde, you need to revise and redo a lot of things.

Tip- Double-check any emails you send out today.

Tarot : You are going to make it big today. Your fame will grow and you will realise you’ve been able to overcome any blah energy you have been feeling of late. Be ready to let a man surprise you. With Boo’s support you and your boss ready to appreciate you, you are going to slay the day!


AstrologyYou might find it a task to make work a priority, but it’s one you need to do nevertheless. Gather your energy and sort out any differences at work- it’s time to clear the air! Today is all about balance, so find your centre through some self-care.Starting a new career path could a good idea, so if you have been toying with a decision now is the time to make it.

TarotIt’s time to stop brooding and take some action. Have your POA ready and seize the day. If you have been wanted to change your routine or start a new task, today is the day to do it. A new opprtunity is in the offing, so be prepared for a pleasant surprise today. You will enjoy a sparkling love life as well. Yay!



Astrology: You might feel slightly more sensitive than usual today. A health issue will tend to bother you and slow you down. You will find yourself letting go of things that no longer serve your purpose. Planning a trip with your family or your friends will do you a world of good.

TarotTaking risks is something you’ve realised you are good at! You are in complete control of your love life today. You might feel a tad grumpy around mid-afternoon, but it’s nothing you can’t snap out of. Banish that mood-swing and take complete charge of your life.



AstrologyIf you’ve been waiting for an exciting gift from home, today is the day you receive it! Doing some soul-searching will give you some  useful insights about yourself. You will find easy solutions to your problems today, though some delays at work can be expected. Try not to pick a fight with your SO, as it will take time to mend any rifts that might occur.

TarotToday is a fab day for Saggis to feel on top of the world. You will find creativity in everything you do. Guard yourself against acting oversensitive and getting miffed with a man as it might change the tone of  your day.



AstrologyIf you have been trying to get your creative side spotted, today is the day for you to grab the limelight.All your efforts and especially your eye for detail will be noticed. Get ready for a fun ride but remember to keep your POA in place.

Tarot: If you really want it get the ball rolling, get up and move out of that comfort zone and take swift action. There’s travel in the offing to keep you busy. Life will send an opportunity your way, don’t let it go!



 Astrology: A minor mood swing or a health issue will slow you downFortune will play a major role in shaping your life today. Luck will help you get some issues resolved and your intuition will be on an all time high. There might be a little delay in sorting things out on the family front.

Tarot: You find yourself in a generous mood today and might preform a kind-hearted act. They day may be off to a dull start, but excitement levels will pick up as the evening progresses.Start a new chapter of your life, the universe has got your back.



AstrologyToday is the day Pisceans, when you find yourself interested in learning about spiritual pursuits. You will love to venture out of your comfort zone, though things with your partner might get a tad difficult, so tread with caution. Keep your communications as simple as you can.

TarotYou might find the beginning of the day a bit slow but don’t worry, there is plenty to look forward to as it progresses. A well planned overseas vacay is on the cards, but do remember to be very careful with your itinerary. Work might prove to be a little challenging today.

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial