Your Daily Horoscope For Monday 5th August

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Astro: With Venus in your House of Family, you will find that you have a  heightened interest in food and music. On the first day of the week, try to be open in the way you communicate  with the people you love. Focus on the home front and attempt to resolve any possible misunderstandings. Spend some quality time with your mother and ensure that she is keeping well.

Tarot: Focus on striking a healthy balance this week, the presence of the card of Temperance is urging you towards moderation. Try to be grateful for all that you have and enjoy it! You may experience some emotional lows regarding situations that have fallen out of favour.



Astro: You might experience a slight sense of confusion and indecisiveness. An exciting week awaits , enjoy dining out and indulge in some luxurious comforts. A break from home will help keep you refreshed. Keep your energy high. With Venus in your House of Friendships, make the most out of your contacts and connections. The exchange of Mercury and the moon will bring you closer to your loved ones.

Tarot: The Magi indicates that you will get all that you’ve been hoping for in the last one year- be it on the personal or professional front. Try to focus on the things that have been holding you back. A  certain sense of stagnation is causing you to feel slightly uncomfortable. Be more loving and giving when it comes to your relationship and you will realise its beauty and significance.



Astro: Now that Saturn retrograde is in your House of Partnerships, try spending  some quality time with your partner, which will  help you to nurture the bond that you share. Your intuitive abilities will guide you and  it will be smooth sailing. You will experience a sense of relief from a recent expenses. With the moon in Virgo and Mercury in Cancer, your House of Happiness and House of Money indicated an increase in expenditure on the home front.

Tarot: Practice patience and enjoy things as they come. A control over your emotions will help you achieve everything you wish for. Invest your time today   in finding your path and direction. A strong male support, either your boss at work, a romantic partner or a paternal figure at home will help you explore new opportunities.



Astro: With the moon in Virgo, you could end up strengthening some old ties today. There is an exchange of Mercury and the moon resulting in a strong spiritual connect, coupled with guidance by a female figure. The day promises to be more exciting. You will find yourself surrounded with people working in  beauty and glamour.

Tarot: The cards guide you to maintain a focus on what you want to achieve. You need to be at ease and simultaneously have an eye for detail. You have to go beyond what things may seem on the surface and understand what truly lies underneath. It’s a good time to plan a renovation or start a construction project at your office or home.



Astro:  Start the week with you POA in place. With the exchange of Mercury and Mars in your House of Expenses and Money Flow, you will realise that it is difficult to save a penny and will probably end up shopping online instead.

Tarot: If you’ve been on the lookout for a good job a suitable opportunity might be headed your way. Apply now, and you will end up in the right place. For those of you who have been wanting to get married, things are beginning to shape up. Get Ready! It may be the right time to consider buying a house or invest in some property.



Astro: With the moon in your natal zodiac and Mercury in your House of Gains, any negotiations that involve putting your point across will be met with success. Lady Luck is on your side, today is your lucky day! Focus on managing your gains and ensure that things work in your favour.

Tarot: You are being guided by a divine force, make the most of it! You have created a good, stable life for yourself, now it’s time to enjoy some of the money you have earned.
Use your communication skills to your benefit.



Astro: The moon is in your House of Travels along with Virgo, Venus and Mercury in your House of Profession urging you  to  explore opportunities overseas. You may find yourself involved in dealing with some overseas clients. This increase in work may cause a sudden dip in your mood and make you feel stressed. A dip in the pool or some time spent around water will help.

Tarot: Maintain you focus, set your intent right, manifest your goals and go for it! The beginning of the week is the right time to make this change in your life. Learning a new skill or honing a talent will help you gain some in-depth knowledge about things that matter to you. You will also experience financial success, perhaps an incentive will your way soon. Your calm demeanour will help you get through it all with ease.



Astro: Begin the week by taking your career to the next level. With the exchange of the Lord of Luck, the moon in your House of Gains and Mercury in your House of Fortune, let your creativity help your close a big deal. Your luck will aid you to reach conclusions and make the most out of your day.

Tarot: If you’ve been waiting for a promotion or a raise-  today is the day. There is some long-awaited money coming your way. Spending quality time with the people you care about will be worthwhile. Buying a new house or  making some changes at home is on the cards.



Astro: You may find yourself romantically attracted to someone at work . If you are committed, you will find support from your partner when it comes to you career. Focus on achieving all that you desire. Do try and be practical when it comes to making decisions. You are advised to be more charitable as well.

Tarot: On the first day of the week, spend some quality time with your mother. A certain lady will be your guiding force today. This will be the right time to get your act together, the Empress indicates that you will enjoy the fruit of all the efforts you make when the time is right. It’s time to expand your horizons, a great career opportunity awaits.



Astro: With the moon, which is the Lord of your Relationships and Mercury, which is the Lord of your Fortune exchanging places, today will be interesting both professionally and personally. A stroke of luck at work will make things easier.

Tarot: While the last week was primarily devoted to sorting out issues at home, today is going to be all about balancing your personal and professional life. You enjoy a romantic time with your partner, get ready to expect something new! Do be mindful of your health and try not to fret. Don’t delay a visit to the doctor if it’s needed



Astro: With the moon in your House of Mystic and occult knowledge, you may find yourself more perceptive and intuitive. Be careful about any unhealthy habits that may lead to a problem with your lungs. Throughout the day, be careful when it comes to driving or handling any equipment. You may find yourself getting hurt or stuck in a bad situation.

Tarot: Today, you must realise how important self-care is. Guard yourself against that feeling of dissatisfaction. You have no reason to give up, just keep going. If you’ve been looking to tie the knot it could be the right time. There is also a high probability of buying a new house or renovating your present one.



Astro: A sudden expenditure will take you by surprise. You may end up spending a large amount on buying a new mobile or an electronic gadget.With Venus in your House of Learnings and Relationships, the first day of the week will bring with it comforts at home. You will realise that spending time with your family is something you’ve been missing. Be prepared to be surrounded by people. You can rely on your partner to guide you through the day.

Tarot: Today is a good day to finally have that frank conversation you have been wanting to. You will feel content w and passionate towards all aspects of your life.  Money that has been long overdue will finally come your way. A beautiful offer awaits! For those of you who have been yearning for some romance, get ready to be swept of your feet !

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial