Your Daily Horoscope For Saturday 10th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astro: With V­­­enus and Mars combust in your House of Family, you might plan an overseas trip. A romantic time with your partner is on the cards. A weekend filled with excitement and great opportunities awaits you.

Tarot: A creative idea will bring you the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. Be extremely careful while making important decisions to prevent unfavourable circumstances. It’s time to let go of all that stress you’ve been taking at work. A vacay seems to be around the corner.



Astro: You might want to spend some time redecorating your house. Today seems like a good day to buy a gadget. Some confrontations might come your way but you’ll be able to get past them with ease. You will find your partner being extremely supportive of everything.

Tarot: A piece of good news and a special surprise await you. You might consider looking at newer opportunities on the work front. A fabulous evening with your partner or loved ones is on the cards.



Astro: Be extra-cautious on that shopping spree you’ve planned, as splurging on unnecessary things will leave a hole in your pocket. The support you receive from your siblings will make your day better. It’s time to be extremely grateful for the way life is going to pan out for you.

Tarot: A major change in your life in the form of a new relationship seems to be in the offing. It looks like a great time to explore new opportunities. Don’t let a petty argument come in the way of anything important.



Astro: Some great, quality time with your family will lighten up your mood. Be extra-cautious while driving. With the moon in the best possible situation, you will have a great day with your family and loved ones.

Tarot: An abrupt ending of an important chapter of your life will pull you down. However, you need to be open to new and fresh things coming your way. You will receive a great amount of support from your partner. On the financial front, luck favours you completely. Today seems like a good day to acquire a new skill.



Astro: You might consider renovating and redecorating your house. Be careful of a blood-related health issue. Spend some quality time with your mother to have a better day, and avoid being too confrontational or aggressive.

Tarot: A lot of responsibility on the work front seems to be coming your way. You need to be smart about it and delegate. Avoid any unnecessary arguments on the home front as it might lead to negative consequences. Lady Luck favours you and you’ll realise how it’s super-important to speak up for yourself.



Astro: With the moon in your House of Relationships, you will have a super-romantic evening with your partner. However, you might want to watch out for some major issues surrounding your life. Avoid taking impulsive decisions. There’s a good chance of getting out of a property dispute that’s been affecting your life. A helpful piece of advice from a friend will help you make better decisions.

Tarot: Virgos, you will finally find life being super-rewarding for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Fortune will favour you in a dispute that’s been going on. Today seems like the day you will be recognised and appreciated for all that you’ve been doing.



Astro: Your focus completely lies on living a healthy life and making money. A spontaneous decision will help you sail through any situation regardless of the confrontations. With the moon and Jupiter in your House of Communications, you will be able to put your point forward with no difficulty at all.

Tarot: Be ready to make changes to self if needed—this is your time to shine. A sudden breakdown might slow down your pace but that is momentary. You will be well-appreciated on the work front.



Astro: With Mars in your House of Profession, everything on the work front will be super-smooth. A romantic evening awaits you. Spend some quality time with your mother—a fruitful piece of advice from her will help you stay happy and calm. Your decision-making abilities will be impeccable and will open up great opportunities for you.

Tarot: You might experience an extreme sense of loneliness despite your busy schedule. However, new ideas executed by you will be rewarded. Avoid confrontations with a friend as it might cause anxiety.



Astro: Luck favours you on the romantic front, and all issues with your partner will finally be resolved. Your bond with your mother will also become stronger and lighten up your mood. You might bump into an old friend or an acquaintance who will make your day even better.

Tarot:  You need to be careful while spending on unnecessary things. Be prudent while making travel plans. Issues, professionally as well as personally, will smoothen out. Be ready to be taken by surprise by a family member.




Astro: With Mars aspecting your House of Communication, be cautious when putting your point forward at work. Be ready to outshine and be the centre of attention. Avoid feeling anxious—it is advisable to meditate and practise yoga. You might want to address health issues you’ve been avoiding.

Tarot: The Tarot guides you to a path of realisation of what you actually desire. Love and new ideas will make you sail through today. A short travel with your partner seems to be on the cards. Count your blessings as today is your day to shine!



Astro: With Mars in your House of Relationships, today seems like a good day to make lifestyle changes. Consider hitting the gym and adding some exercise to your routine. A dash of fame awaits you on the social-media front. Exciting times with your partner are coming your way. However, keep your emotional side in check.

Tarot: Be prepared to shine and create a solid foundation for your future. Things will start to look good on the financial front. You will be able to tick things off your to-do-list and finally be at peace.



Astro:  With the moon in Scorpio, you will be brimming with hope and creativity. Spending a large amount of money on something extremely valuable seems to be on the cards. Acquiring a new skill can benefit you in several ways. With Mars in your House of Love, things on the romantic front will be extremely smooth.

Tarot: A romantic time with your partner will make your day better. You will wrap up most of your pending work, and will consider looking for something new on the professional front. Plan a vacay or go out with your squad. You totally deserve it after a week of hard work.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial