Your Daily Horoscope For Sunday 11th August

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Astro: With the Sun in your House of Happiness and Mars in your House of Family, today brings your focus back on the home front. You will love being the center of attention at home. As Jupiter goes direct in the evening, you will sense a lot of calmness in your mind. 
Tarot: Striking a good balance between the home and professional front is the key for the weekend says the Temperance. You will realise   your professional and personal front need to be taken care of individually. Be grateful for the things you have. 

Astro: Jupiter direct in the evening today will bring a lot of comfort on the relationship front. This weekend, you have to center  your focus towards any lifestyle change especially relating to blood pressure issues. Focus on spending a good time with your partner. With the Moon in your House of Worries, you might feel a little extra sensitive. 
Tarot: You might feel a little disoriented
Try to focus on thing that you’ve been holding on to for too long. A beautiful, romantic relationship with your partner will help you set the tone.  Be more loving, giving and you will realize how beautiful your relationship is.

Astro: Geminis, with the moon in your House of Love and Relationships, try to have a super romantic time with your larger. As Jupiter goes directly, you might want to make a lifestyle change especially when it comes to your health.
Tarot: This Sunday, it is important for you to choose the right direction for yourself. A strong male support either through a partner or father at home will help you create more space and opportunities. You will beautifully handle things on the home front. 

Astro: With the moon now in your House of Diseases, you might feel a little disoriented or anxious. You have to keep your relationship in check as even a slight amount of misunderstanding or miscommunication can lead to a squabble. You will be able to manage your financial front impeccably. With Jupiter direct, you will feel extremely calm and happy being at home. 
Tarot: You have to see things beyond the surface level and understand what all lies underneath. The end of the week will introduce you to a great support system. 

Astro: With Mars in your natal zodiac and Jupiter direct in the evening , some of you will be the leaders of the family. Your advice will be sought and you will stand by people you love. However, you have to be slightly careful when it comes to your mother’s health. Your focus will revolve more around a good conversation at home and with your children. 
Tarot: The weekend promises a great  time with your fam and this is the right time to add finesse at home. Have a great day with your squad.  Though be very careful while driving, take a chauffeur for a change. A little meditation will help calm your aggression and frequent mood swings.

Astro: The Moon in Sagittarius will make you more focused about your relationships at home especially with your siblings. With Mars aspecting your House of Confidence and Jupiter going directly there, you might add some sport related activities to your schedule. Tarot: 
The Wands brings celebrations! Those of you who have been planning that long awaited wedding, and you will find things have started shaping up.  Buying a new house will come easy to some of you.


Astro: Librans, with Mars aspecting your communication, and Jupiter going direct today, you might challenge people and have some serious confrontations. You might end up in a squabble. Your day revolves around friends and taking care of your siblings. However with Retrograde Saturn and moon in your House of Friendships, its high time you take care of those who you want in life for the long run. 
Tarot: This day will bring you close to some form of meditation, art or spirituality and you will find ways to calm yourself. A super lucky day shines on you and a lady luck around you will make things happier for you. This entire day will make you more prominently a people’s person.

Astro: With Jupiter direct in your natal zodiac, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. You will have an extremely calm day and will find yourself prepared to take charge of your life. You will make the most out of your relationship and a great financial deal seems to be coming your way.
 Tarot: The end of the week is the right time to bring a certain change in your lifestyle.  Manifest your goals. Learn in depth about things that matter to you. Plan a reunion with  your friends. You will find financial matters running smoothly. Let your calmness help you through. 

Astro: As Jupiter goes direct at 7 in the evening, you will experience a great deal of calmness today. Your decisions will be appreciated by everyone. A great time with your lover is indicated. There is a possibility of a long romantic drive of a vacay! 
Tarot: The end of the week is when you would like to take your relationship to the next level. If you’ve been seeing someone for long, perhaps getting into a long term relationship will make things better for you. This is the time to make a well planned calculated move to strengthen your relations. 
Astro: With Jupiter direct in your House of Gains aspecting your relationships, you will feel a different level of peace and tranquility at home. You will enjoy spending time with your loved ones and making the most out of this day. There is a high probability of meeting up other family friends or relatives that will brighten your day. Avoid driving as Mars is in your House of Accidents. 
Tarot: Things will finally smoothen out on the financial front. Spending some great quality time with your family will make your day better. Buying a new house or renovating your current one is on the cards. 

Astro: With Jupiter directly aspecting your House of Paternal Love,  you will learn a lot from your father or a fatherly figure. If you’ve been thinking of doing something in redecorating or renovating, it seems like a great time. However with Mars in your house of love, you might feel distant from your partner. 
 Tarot: With the Empress shining on you, Lady Luck will favour you. Spending quality time with your mother will do you good. You will look forward to expanding your horizons and a great career opportunity awaits you.


Astro: As Jupiter goes directly in your House of Fortune, a fabulous Sunday awaits you. Your bond with your loved ones will strengthen and will keep you at peace. You will be able to spend a great amount of quality time on the home front. 

Tarot: A super-romantic time with your partner awaits you. Do watch out for any health-issues you've been avoiding. Avoid fretting or getting into squabbles as it may lead to negative consequences. This week brings you beautiful surprises. 

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial