Your Daily Horoscope For Tuesday 13th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: With the moon in your House of Fortune, you will get the opportunity to indulge in luxury. Establish a POA in order to manage your finances. You may also find yourself spending money on refurbishing your house.

Tarot: Aries, an exciting career opportunity may be headed your way, embrace it. You will be spending quality time with your partner, and this will surely make you happy. With those of you working in the field of real estate or information technology, an opportunity for growth is en route.



Astrology: With the moon in Sagittarius, today you may feel a little emotional regarding your personal life. A female figure may cause some discomfort. With Jupiter direct, build your confidence and broaden your horizons.

Tarot: You may experience a slight change in your equation with a significant someone. On the professional and personal front, you will get closure on some matters and this will help you start afresh. The presence of the Knave of Wands suggests the beginning of a new relationship or partnership.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Love, look forward to having a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner. Gemini, do take special care of your health today! With Mars aspecting your House of Fortune, your luck will be in  your favour. With Venus in your natal House of Money, monitor your expenses and hold back the urge to shop. Saving some money will be beneficial in the long run.

Tarot: Consider working longer hours and expending greater effort, in order to enhance your professional skills and achieve positive results on the career front. Let your intuitive abilities guide you towards success today. An unknown matter may finally come to your notice and shake things up a bit at home.



Astrology: With the moon in Sagittarius, you might feel a little low today. In order to avoid making incorrect decisions, refrain from engaging in a squabble with a female figure. Cancerians, step back and acknowledge the significant things in your life, and cherish them. With Jupiter in your House of Family, take some time out to spend with your loved ones.

Tarot: You will be great at balancing you expenses and financial matters on the home front. An exciting surprise awaits you, so be on the lookout! Check your mailbox for a message from a friend, or an opportunity that you’ve been awaiting. Stagnant matters will finally start moving forward.



Astrology: With Mars in your natal zodiac and the moon in your House of Family, spend the day relaxing and maybe going shopping with your partner. With Jupiter in your House of Home, Happiness and Mother, spend quality time with your mother today. Avoid being impulsive, but do take some bold decisions!

Tarot: Leos, a super romantic day with your partner awaits you! Nurture the emotionally fulfilling bond you share with your partner, and enjoy the pampering. With the King of Cups, balance your emotions. A social media opportunity or unexpected fame will keep you going.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Happiness, consider sorting things out with your in-laws or siblings. Virgos, enjoy  your day! Be an optimist, and don’t take things to your heart. It’s a good day for you to make some profit. However, with Mercury combust, it's high time you take control of your mood swings.

Tarot: Despite having everything you ever dreamt for, you may spend time questioning things. But focus on being grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on the flipside. You may not get the appreciation you think you deserve, but don’t let this stop you from working harder than before. Virgo, you’re not a quitter!


Astrology: With the moon in your House of Friendships and Jupiter in your House of Money, a woman will guide and support you through your day. With Venus in your House of Profession along with Mercury, your creative abilities will be acknowledged on the work front. An evening out with your friends will keep you going.

Tarot: Librans, you will end up tying most of your loose ends. However, be prepared to have an important discussion on matters that you thought had been sorted out. Be ready to receive a surprise gift from someone today!



Astrology: With Jupiter direct and the Lord of Fortune, the moon in your House of Money, be ready to make the most out of your day. If you are looking to take a risk at work, go ahead as your luck seems to be in your favor and you are likely to meet with success. However, be prudent about your investments and be cautious about financial matters.

Tarot: Scorpios, you might be looking to start afresh with a healthy change in your lifestyle. You will spend time planning a solo trip, or one with your close friends. If you maintain a focus, you will reach great heights in your career!



Astrology: With the moon in your natal zodiac, consider working on an idea given to you by your mother and utilize your skills to your best advantage. Jupiter being direct, will provide some respite from some suffering. Listen carefully to your parents and grandparents words of wisdom, as it will benefit you in the future.

Tarot: A romantic time with your partner is on the cards, as guided by The Lovers and The Empress. For those of you who are single, there will be a turn of events. Saggitarians, it is time to explore a possible romantic relationship and take things to the next level. There is a lot to look forward to today! Fruition, love, spirituality and quality time with your family, is on the cards.



Astrology: With Saturn retrograde in your House of Expenses and Travel, avoid travelling for a while. With the moon in your House of Losses, you might incur a heavy expense on the domestic front. A quarrel over a trivial matter, with your children or a partner, is also indicated.

Tarot: The King of Pentacles suggests that a male figure will comfort you today. Capris, today you will be on top of your game and far ahead on your to-do list! However, a slight change in mood is expected. You might want to take a step back and understand the deeper meaning of life.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Gains and Jupiter direct in your House of Work, establish a POA and you will go places. Aquarians, today you will have this astounding ability to withstand obstacles. Adopt a positive mindset and move forward in your day.

Tarot: Take charge of matters that have been pulling you down lately, and restructure the required aspect of your life. Broaden your horizons and you will be brimming with ideas.



Astrology: Pisceans, with the moon in your House of Profession, hone your skills and use your talent to bring success at work today. A female figure will guide you through your day. With Jupiter direct, it’s time to make some long term decisions.

Tarot: Adopt a healthy work-life balance, while sorting out money issues. Get ready to be surprised by someone special.

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial