Your Daily Horoscope For Wednesday 14th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: With the moon in Capricorn, things are looking good, both on the home and work front. With Mars in Leo, you will have a well defined POA today, and this discipline will make things work for you. Aries, a great day lies ahead of you, so buckle up!

Tarot: With respect to your career, focus on matters that are holding you back and causing you to lag behind. The presence of The Nine of Pentacles may lead to a sense of confusion and indecisiveness, making you feel lost. However, take new risks and start afresh.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Fortune, you will receive immense support from a female figure, along with strengthening of familial ties and establishment of new partnerships. A healthy balance between your professional and personal life will emerge, so use this time wisely to implement the bold choices you have made.

Tarot: Taurians, get ready to hustle and bustle, since you took on more than you can chew. Despite having too much on your plate, you needn’t worry, as you will comfortably sail through these rough waters. Spend time exploring career opportunities abroad and take a step forward, as an attempt to positively impact your future. 



Astrology: While Mercury is combust afflicted by the Sun and the moon is in your Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge; look forward to receiving some pieces of advice from a female figure, likely to be your mother. With the moon aspecting your natal House of Money and its own zodiac, Cancer, you will receive a surprise gift from a sibling.

Tarot: With your finances going haywire, it’s high time you took time out to manage them carefully. If you have applied for a credit facility, high chances of a delay are expected. But you must go with the flow, maintain a calm demeanour and avoid being too impulsive.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Love and Jupiter direct in your House of Family, be ready to spend some romantic time with your partner. You may feel that your heart and soul lies with the people that you love. Thereby, you will experience insecurity as well as a heightened sense of protectiveness towards your family and friends.

Tarot: Despite having a hectic schedule at work, do spend some time with your partner. If you broaden your horizons and channelize your creativity in your work, you will surely be met with acceptance and acknowledgment.



Astrology: With the moon in Capricorn and the Sun in your House of Expense, Cancer, you will find yourself splurging on travel. You might experience some mood swings today, which will hinder your focus and will deter you from achieving your career goals. But Leos, stop over thinking and start working! However, avoid taking risks and be cautious of being overenthusiastic.

Tarot: You may come across some hurdles in your personal and professional life. There is a high possibility that you will be disappointed by those who you trust. However, do introspect and try finding solutions to these challenges.  



Astrology: Mercury, which is combust along with the Sun, are sitting in your House of Gains. With the moon in your House of Family aspecting its own zodiac, your House of gains, consider making certain choices. You will receive immense support from a loved one and this will make your day. Also do take some time out for self care today. A lucrative business proposition or a career opportunity will take you places.

Tarot: Despite worrying about your financial situation, focus on getting things going for you. While money matters may not pose to be a challenge, your mood swings might become one. Today might be a good day to consider buying an electronic gadget.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Family aspecting your work, a female figure will guide you through your day. You will enjoy meeting new people and will cherish the creative ideas at work. However, your attention will be drawn towards making things work on the home front.

Tarot: A sudden change in the equation of a relationship seems likely. It could be the sudden closure of a relationship or a dream and you might have to stall your career choices for a while. Use this time as an opportunity to rebuild yourself and restructure your life.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Friendships, aspecting your House of Fortune, its own zodiac Cancer, consider catching up with a friend. Your bond with your sibling will also strengthen, making things happier. With Jupiter direct, things are looking good on the home front. Taking good care of your relationships will come naturally to you.

Tarot: Consider taking financial advice from your better half today, as it will work wonders. This bond will result in a deeper connection with your partner. A karmic-cycle is completing itself.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Communications, aspecting your House of Knowledge and Wisdom, a genetic trait or an earlier learnt skill will be handy. Your communication will be more effective today. With Mars in your House of Fortune, avoid confrontations.

Tarot: Take out time for fruition, love, romance, spirituality and quality time with your family. Attempt fulfilling all that you ever dreamt of.  If you are planning to start afresh, today seems like the perfect day. Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to taking risks. Your family  will be there to support you.



Astrology: With the moon in your natal zodiac aspecting its own zodiac Cancer, your priority will be your romantic relationship with your partner. Be prudent when it comes to your relationships and avoid any miscommunication. Consider starting a good healthcare routine today onwards.

Tarot: The presence of two Court Cards, suggest that a new proposition is en route. If you’ve been seeking a career change, or have applied for an interview, today is the day to work on it. You will experience a mix of emotions, including excitement as well as anxiety. You are likely to be more futuristic in your approach and the decisions you make.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Expenses, while your creative will be at its peak, you might face some emotional challenges. Your intuitive abilities will guide you. However, you may experience mood swings that will pull you down. With respect to your health, take care of a possible eye infection.

Tarot: An exciting career opportunity is on its way. For those of you who have been waiting for a money raise at work, today might be the day you get one. Rekindling of a friendship will be the highlight of your day.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Gains, aspecting your House of family, consider buying something new for your home. Nurturing significant relationships will come naturally to you. On the work front, you won’t solely receive a monetary gain, but will also experience an increase in your knowledge.

Tarot: A long awaited opportunity may finally be coming your way. Things will go the way you expected them to. Be careful when you’re on the road. There is a possibility that you will experience an emotional jolt, but don’t worry, you will glide through it.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial