Your Daily Horoscope For Friday 16th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology:  Aries, despite the weekend being around the corner, make sure you meet your deadlines. Be dedicated to your work and you will surely achieve what you desire. A heart to heart conversation with your loved ones will strengthen your bond with them.

Tarot: Consider depending on someone reliable when it comes to financial matters. Do not lose faith and trust you own abilities. Don’t worry about the approval of the loans that you have been waiting for. You need to start afresh yourself and finish your to-do list ASAP! A firm foundation on the professional front will be laid down for you.



Astrology: Make sure you have your travel plans in place. With the Sun in your House of Finances, a pending debt will be resolved. Make your partner your priority and spend quality time with them.

Tarot: A surprise with respect to your personal and professional life is en route. This day brings a lot of happiness. Avoid being indecisive as it may result in negative consequences.



Astrology: Watch your words as any kind of miscommunication can land you in some serious trouble. However, your partner will be your biggest support system. It seems like the perfect time to invest in a gadget. Don’t hold back from taking risks, as they will bring monetary benefits.

Tarot: You might feel over-burdened at work. Make sure you’re on your feet, since your career will demand your best efforts. Do not let any past endeavors weigh you down. Keep an open mind and the universe will work in your favour.



Astrology: Prioritize your work and make sure everything else comes later. If you have some opinions about your colleagues or your boss, make sure you keep them to yourself. However, heart to heart conversations with your loved ones will bring you comfort. Your creativity will not go unnoticed, but take charge and do not let momentarily emotions overrule your sane judgment.

Tarot: Do not waste time on obstacles that you think are impossible to overcome. It is okay to take a back seat at times. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and avoid quarrels with family and friends. You have got to plan your finances meticulously.



Astrology: Your luck is in your favour, so seize the opportunity and make the most out of today. With the moon in your House of Comforts, family time is recommended. If you’ve been looking to apply for a job overseas or strike a business deal, today is a good day.

Tarot: Leos, consider spending romantic time with your partner. Being spiteful towards life will lead you nowhere. Things that are not working the way you want them to, on work front, may also bother you. But avoid taking things personally.



Astrology: The moon urges you to make your mother’s health your top priority right now. Spend quality time with her and look after her. However, if you were hankering for something eccentric, please go forward and try it. Your interest in occult will be on a rise today. Avoid a jarring conversation with a friend.

Tarot: Both love and lust are on the cards, so spend quality time with your partner. While you want things to go smoothly, you might get hurt if you expect too much out of your partner. Avoid trusting anyone blindly, as it may lead to disappointment afterwards.



Astrology: Your partner will be your kingpin today and working together towards a common goal will help make your day more exciting. However, a slip of the tongue will make things difficult for you on the home front, so be careful. A good financial investment seems highly likely. With Venus in your House of Luck, take time out to relax and go out with your squad.

Tarot: Librans, set the right intent and go for it! Consider bringing a change in your life and manifest your goals. Gain in-depth knowledge about the things that matter the most to you. Also, plan a reunion with your friends. An incentive might be around the corner and you will find yourself making money because of it. Maintain a calm demeanor, and work your way through things.



Astrology: Try out your luck and let things unfold themselves on their own. All the anxiety and doubts you have had till now will be answered today. If an appointment at the dentist is due, it’s time to go for it. With Jupiter Retrograde aspecting you, you will surely rise, come what may!

Tarot: New beginnings, new challenges and a new opportunity await you, scorpions. It will satisfy the challenge seeker in you. Consider spending quality time with your partner and plan a spontaneous date. A new friendship will make you happy. If you plan to take risks, go ahead!



Astrology: If you have been looking forward to learning something new, now is the time to take it up. Work alone for better results. Some fresh air, maybe a nice walk, will bring a new perspective or insight in the light. Choose your words carefully, for words are mightier than swords, and no good has ever come out of swords.

Tarot: Work opportunities are waiting at your doorstep, along with some quality time with your family. Take time out for an overseas vacation. From a career perspective, apply for an overseas job and wait for the universe to unfold itself.



Astrology: Today, consider clearing the air with anyone who’s been acting funny. Although avoid strife with your partner and don’t misunderstand anything. It will be better for you in the long run.

Tarot: The Court Cards hand you the reins of control of your life. Things are looking good on both, the personal and professional front. Avoid holding onto any grudges, as it will be pointless in the long run. If you’ve been waiting for a raise, that cash incentive is just about to come. Avoid being browned off by a conversation with a female figure.



Astrology: You’ve been working at mending your relationships; so now take time out to nurture them. You can easily make things work for you provided you have a POA in place. Get an authentic idea and you will slay the day. Luck seems to be on your side today. Try to use your influence wherever required.  

Tarot: You may feel betrayed or cheated, or may end up losing something valuable. However, you will be able to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. For those of you who’ve been waiting for their prince charming, a decent proposal is on the way. Today seems to be your lucky day as you will be able to accomplish all that you desire.



Astrology: Focus on the conversations you have today, to avoid being churlish with your mother or another female figure in your life. Pisceans, get ready to be showered with gifts and surprises from your loved ones. Avoid being too harsh on yourself. Work on yourself and focus on personal growth and development, in order to move forward.

Tarot: It’s okay if life has been unexpected till now, your home will be your solace today.  You will receive love and appreciation for your work and new opportunities are on the way. However, take care of your health and sleep patterns. Avoid trusting anyone blindly.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial