Your Daily Horoscope for Sunday August 18th

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Astrology: With Mars combust in your House of Family along with the Sun and Venus, today is a good day to focus your energy around your family. You might get into a discord with your mother. Avoid getting disappointed over small issues.
Tarot: The Wands bring some structure in your relationship. You will be able to communicate with intricacy. A beginning of a new chapter seems to be on the cards. A new romance for those of you who are single seems to be in the offing.

Astrology: With the moon in your House of Gains, you are likely to meet up a new friend or someone who will help you in the long run. You will be able to have great communication with the elders of your family. It is a great day to do indulge in some networking.
Tarot: Something great will bring you a great amount of happenings. A pleasant surprise and a piece of a good news is in the offing. Be prepared to receive a nice gift from someone special.

Astrology: Today seems to be a great day to meet new people or go on a long drive. You will spend quality time with your father. With the moon in Pisces, you will get a great, creative idea which will benefit you in the work front. Your mind will be focused towards getting things right in the work front.
Tarot: It seems like a good day for you to contemplate about your life and career. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be surprised if you get rewarded for all that extra effort you’ve been putting in at work.

 Astrology: As the Lord of your Zodiac is in the House of Fortune, Cancerians, it’s a super lucky day for you. You should go all out and pamper yourself. A spiritual inclination will make things better for you.
Tarot: The Queen of Swords wants you to be very quick with your decisions and be sure about what you want. Be careful of any form of miscommunication as a slip of tongue could lead to negative consequences.

Astrology: You will be be surrounded will friends and family and things will be calm around you as indicated by the Sun, Mars and Venus in your natal zodiac. The moon might make you feel a little low but you will feel spiritually inclined.
Tarot: Spend quality time with your family and friends. A certain amount of laziness might pull you down but you’re the only person who can give yourself that little push to grow.

Astrology: With the moon in your House of Love, be ready to spend a super romantic time with your partner. With the Lord of Relationship, Jupiter aspecting your natal House of Love, your bond with your partner will strengthen and you will feel super excited about making things right.
Tarot: The Three or Pentacles brings you a great deal of support from your family and friends. Things look great on the home front. Creating something new will bring in a lot of appreciation.

Astrology: The Moon in your House of Diseases makes you a little slow in taking decisions. You might feel low or even sad when it comes to thinking about your career. Health issues related to water retention in the body may come off as challenging.
Tarot: Even though things seem to be smooth on the home front, you will prefer staying in solitude. A certain something might keep pulling you down and you might prefer staying in your own safety zone.

Astrology: With the Moon in your House of Family and Children, you will love to spend great, quality time with them. You will find ways to keep them happy and make the most out of the day. Be prepared to be in complete charge of any difficult situation.
Tarot: Today seems like a great day for you both in the financial and personal front. You will have a great amount of things to look forward to. A great conversation around a business will set the tone for the coming week.

Astrology: The moon in your House of Mother and Family will strengthen your ties at the home front. You will feel great in being in charge of matter relating to home. Spend some great time with your family to lift up your mood.
Tarot: A conversation with an old friend or a sweet romance will light you up. You will spend some time in strengthening your relationships. A heart to heart conversation seems to be on the cards.

Astrology: With the moon in your House of Friendships, you will feel extremely confident about yourself. Avoid taking any impulsive decisions. You will spend quality time with your siblings and your love and kindness towards others will be well recognised.
Tarot: Go with the flow as you might feel restricted when it comes to making changes in your life. You have to be super cautious when it comes to your health as a health issue an take you by surprise.

Astrology: With the moon in your House of Communication and Jupiter aspecting it- be ready for some good food, happiness, music- basically a very beautiful get together. A great conversation with like minded people will keep you going.
Tarot: The Knight of Cups brings to you a proposal which will be hard to refuse. There is going to be joy, enthusiasm a moment of happiness from social media might bring an element of surprise today.

Astrology: With the moon in your natal Zodiac, you will make strong decisions which are related to your family. You mind will centre around your relationships and children. Get ready to look exceptionally attractive today.
Tarot: The Major Arcana indicates a positive change and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.There is a closure to a karmic cycle- and whatever changes will come, will be very good for you. Be ready to accept that change.

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