Your Daily Horoscope for Monday August 19th

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨

Astrology: Uranus Retrograde in your natal zodiac will make you contemplate where you are in life. You must have a proper plan of action in place in order to move forward. Uranus, the awakener, advices you to make the most of today by thinking out of the box.
Tarot: You have to be extra cautious and prudent when it comes to financial matters. An appraisal or a raise seems to be around the corner, but it might not be as much as you expected it to be. You might feel that your efforts have been wasted. Avoid making any form of investments.

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Travels and Expenses, there can be a loss while traveling for business. Be careful while spending on unnecessary things. You might find it difficult to fix your sleeping patterns.
Tarot: A conversation with an old friend or a sweet romance will lighten up your mood. You will spend some quality time strengthening your relationship with your partner. It seems like a great day to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Profits, you might find things going slightly slow when it comes to financial matters. If you run a business or have been working the same job for long time, do take out time to contemplate your pay package. 
Tarot: The Three of Pentacles brings you a great amount of support from either your family or your friends. Things seems to be smoothening out in the home front. Creating something new will be well appreciated today.

 Astrology: Uranus Retrograde in your House of Profession indicates an early retirement, a break from work or a difference in opinion with your father that has been disturbing you. Your equation at work with your colleagues and bosses need to be take care of or else it can lead to negative consequences.
Tarot: Your career has been making you feel a little regressive. Your hard work is not materialising in the way you want it to has been bothering you. You have to find the correct way to keep going.

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Spirituality and Fortune, you will find yourself  inclined towards spirituality. Things will work for you through sheer luck today, so get ready to count your blessings.
Tarot: Today seems to be a great day on the financial and personal front. You will have a great deal of things to look forward to. A good financial proposal seems to be around the corner.

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Mysticism, you will find yourself inclined towards learning new things and gaining knowledge. Your interest in paranormal things will be on the rise. Be careful of a mishap!
Tarot: This seems to be a great day to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You will find yourself restarting your life and taking risks that will help you in the long run. Try out something new today. 

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Relationships, you will feel a disinterest towards your relationships today. You might find yourself distant from people. You must take care of your existing relationships and look out for any form of betrayal which might be coming your way.
Tarot: An overseas trip which brings about a good opportunity with regard to your career seems to be on the cards. You are on the path of building a beautiful future for yourself.

Astrology: With Retrograde Uranus in your House of Loans, you can pay off a huge tax liability, a credit card bill or a loan which will put you in a more comfortable position financially. However, you have to be super cautious when it comes to your health.
Tarot: The Temperance wants you to strike a good balance is terms of your professional and personal life. The key to happiness and moving forward seems to be gratitude for all that you have.

Astrology: With retrograde Uranus in your House of Family and Learnings, you might want to learn a new skill or use the ones that you have in your best interests. With Uranus playing the role of an awakener, it’s high time you understand the reason behind a failing relationship in your life.
Tarot: The Magi wants you to get all that you’ve been hoping for in the last one year- be it a relationship or financial benefits. Try to focus on things that you’ve been holding on to for long. A stagnation in life is causing you feel slightly disoriented. However, you need to be patient and you’ll get past it with ease.

Astrology: With Uranus Retrograde in your House of Mother and Happiness, you might feel disconnected on both fronts. You might find yourself in a non-compromising situation at home, no matter how much you try to resolve it.Try indulging in things that make you happy.
Tarot: Spend some time in finding the right direction for yourself. A strong support system in the form of a male figure or a boss will help you with new of opportunities.

Astrology: With Uranus Retrograde in your House of Fame, you have to be super cautious about how you present yourself in the public. You may also be recognised as a people’s person  and will be well appreciated for your thoughts and ideas.
Tarot: It’s crucial that you pay attention to detail. You have to see things beyond the surface level and understand what lies beneath. Financial support will come easily to you.

Astrology: As Retrograde Uranus is in your House of Money and Communication- you have to be careful in how you communicate and spend. Be cautious of any food allergies or throat infections.
Tarot: You will feel spiritually inclined today, make the most out of it. Allow yourself to enjoy all the money you have earned with that extra effort that you put in. As you realise how you’ve managed to make a good, stable life for yourself, get ready to count your blessings.

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

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