12 of Your Best Assets According to Your Zodiac Sign

For example, Pisces have soulful, charming eyes!




Aries - Face

You are a fiery sign with a strong attitude, and you're not afraid to show it. You're sexy and you know it. And what better way to show your stunning features than with a perfectly symmetrical face? Your sharp features like your eyebrows, nose, chin, jaw and mouth make you look powerful and attractive.

Taurus- Neck

Your sign is that of the bull, so you naturally have a muscular, physically-active build. The most attractive part of your body is your thick, long, elegant neck, that gives you all the upper body strength you need. Why not try neck modelling as a hobby, or even a profession?

Gemini- Complexion

You are vibrant and lively. And your asset is just as vibrant as your personality–it's your glowing complexion! It gives you this dreamy and other-wordly vibe that stands out from the crowd. And no matter how old you are, your glowing complexion and youthfulness will always be your best asset.

Cancer- Stomach

You love to eat. Your sign is the crab and they love their food. But you love your body just as much, and take care of it like no other sign. So even if it means eating a ton of chocolate, you're ready to work extra hard at the gym. You're most likely to follow a strict diet and erase any possible cravings to give you a stomach to die for!

Leo- Hair

The lion sign, with mane just like the lion. You love attention and what better way to get it, than to whip your long, luscious locks? You can create fancy hairdos and invest in the right cut, and colour to flaunt your crowning glory.

Virgo- Skin

As a perfectionist, you're willing to put in extra effort to make yourself look flawless. You have this fairy tale-like innocence about you with your amazing skin. You would rather go through several skin products to find the right one, than have even one spot appear on your perfect skin. But we don't blame you! We wish we could take care of our skin as well as you do.

Libra- Booty

Two words to describe you– Kim Kardashian – in the best possible way, that is, her curvacious booty. You have full, curvy and in general, gorgeous features. Ruled by the love planet, you are all about beauty and sensuality. Everybody wants a piece of that peachy bum.

Scorpio- Lips

You are a master flirt! You are one of the sexiest and most sensual of signs. Your lips are your most attractive and seductive feature. You know a thing or two about pleasure and you aren't afraid to show it.

Sagittarius- Back

You are an adventurous and powerful sign, you want to do and explore different things. You are playful and spontaneous, and you need a feature to symbolise all your adventures. Therefore, your strong back! Your physique is strong and graceful, with a naturally athletic build.

Capricorn- Legs

You are the elders and leaders of the zodiac fam. You need to stand firmly on the ground and show your powerful personality. And your gorgeous, long legs help you do just that. Your legs tend to be smooth and luxurious, ideal for a hot-dog or legs, holiday picture.

Aquarius- Feet

You fly through life like a gentle breeze, and your little, dainty feet help you do that. This may be a strange feature to notice, but they're insanely well-groomed. Book yourself a pedi, be pampered, and treat your cute toes to a relaxing day from all the adventures.

Pisces- Eyes

You have the most charming gaze, and people could literally get lost in your eyes – or use it as a witty pick-up line. Your stare is enchanting and you have the ability to make someone feel so special just through your soulful, attentive eyes.

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