Your Weekly Tarotscope November 2 – 8

Find out what the cards have to say about your sunsign! P.S. It's going to a fabulous week.




Aries Life comes full circle, Aries. This week, you're going witness the phenomenon from the frontlines. Watch out for your happy ending—whether it is finally committing to your lover, seeing a pet project you've been nurturing come to life or writing the final chapter of your award-winning novel. Yes, celebrations are in order. You're likely to be embraced by the success you deserve. PS: travel overseas may be on the cards for some of you!

Taurus You're a wise practical one, but the week ahead may make you doubt yourself. Things are not what they seem, Taurus! There's a lot more than what meets the eye. On a subconscious level, you already know what's going on. But you need to learn to tap into your instinct. It will help you see things as they are. It's a week realisations. Trust that you will be a wiser person by the end of it.

Gemini Ah, the sweet pursuit of knowledge. This week, you're a genius in waiting, with all these thoughts and ideas coming to you. Chances are, you're faced with a brand new challenge, and you're more than excited at the prospect of taking it on. May be, you've managed to put a brand new strategy in place that could really change the game around. Be a doer as much as a thinker, Gemini! Find practical solutions to your abstract ideas. With all this energy around you, you could conquer the world if you wanted to.

Cancer Things are not as they appear, Cancer! Be on your guard, especially in matters of money. If you're involved in a business or project of some sort, chances are somebody might lure you into doing something that's not actually good for you by making the results seems larger than life. Let your instinct tell you whether or not somebody can be trusted. Be wary of who you trust with your emotions as well.

Leo You have infinite potential, Leo. Then why are your hands tied? You seem to have taken a step back on the emotional front. You may be disallowing yourself from giving your 100% into your relationships. But, you're capable of so much love! Be the eternal source of positivity. Those around you may be a little extra TLC right now. Give them reassuring smile and priceless advice with that.

Virgo Pay close attention to your feelings, Virgo. Is there something you're unable to express? Something you're holding onto, which in turn is disallowing you from seeing the real picture. Acceptance is key. It is only once you accept the situation at hand and understand what you have to learn from it that you will be able to transform it completely. Make your weakness your strength, beautiful.

Libra You win some, you lose some. You give some, you get some. If you've had the urge to reach out to the less fortunate—now is the time. As such people around you may need your help in some way. Don't hesitate to support them. Your challenge this week: dealing with the feeling of isolation. Perhaps, you may feel like you're fighting a losing battle, or that you're giving too much. The Universe has got your back! Scorpio Buckle up, Scorpio! Your social life is going to be the talk of the town—it's where all the excitement is. From hosting the best parties to be seen with 'It Crowd', you're doing it all. As long as the vino is flowing, you are going to be a ball of happiness. For those of you planning a baby, good news may be on its.

Sagittarius You're the poster girl for 'Keep Calm' this week. You're peaceful, composed and in complete harmony with your surroundings. Look at you striking the perfect balance between everything you do. Use this energy to go deep within yourself. Meditate, talk a walk in the wilderness, and communicate with the higher powers. Everybody around you is turning to you for a shot of positive, cheerful energy.

Capricorn Oh, look at Lady Luck shining upon you! A great week lies ahead of you, Capricorn. Think of this as your personal New Moon, where you can lay the foundation of something big – whether it's a business or a blog. So get your ideas and resources in order. With all this positivity around you, chances are this going to turn out to be one helluva success. Plus, it promises to bring in a lot of money too!

Aquarius We have limitless potential, Aquarius, and this week is all about realising that. You will be put to the test. Hell, yes, you will! You may feel you've been hit by a barrage of challenges. Don't shy away from facing them else they will resurface at a later point. Everything that comes up must be dealt with. Once you do, you will realize that you have learned the lesson of lifetime. Get ready to write chapter 2.0.

Pisces So much emotional satisfaction on the cards—and a trove full of treasures to add to it. You may feel especially blessed this week as you find yourself in the lap of luxury. Perhaps, you may indulge in some serious R&R—or your sweetheart may take the liberty to splurge on you. Gold and precious stones may be on your mind too—and some of you may make some serious investments in the bling department.  
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