11 Struggles of Having a Capricorn Best Friend

There's no such thing as free hugs.




  1. ​Capricorns like minimal physical contact. Chances are, your bestie verbally expressed how much she loves you, but permits no more than two hugs a day.
  2. The no PDA rule applies to people around her as well. Try getting drunk and frisky with your bae around her, chances are she'll give you the stink eye. (But you know just how freaky she can get in the bedroom.)
  3. When you get your entire tribe together, your Capricorn bestie is probably the only one still struggling to finish off some work on a Friday evening. When it comes to work, there are no excuses.
  4. Try making Sunday afternoon plans with cat lady-in-the-making. That's her idea of hilarious.
  5. Lure your bestie with steak and wine. Capricorns don't do zucchini fries.
  6. Your Capricorn bestie is probably the poster girl of 'Keep Calm'. Push her buttons and you will realise hell hath no fury like a Capricorn scorned.
  7. Trust this earth sign to give solid, practical advice. Tell her you're taking off on a mini-getaway without a map, and chances are she'll help you put everything in order, from transport to hotel booking, and then send you off with a map.
  8. If you're making plans with her, trust that she will worry about everything. She might even anticipate a puncture before it actually happens.
  9. While you're not-so-secretly lusting after the bad boy, your Capricorn bestie will point towards the geek, who is reliable and has a big paycheque. Get your Capricorn bestie to wing you at a bar. It's a dare.
  10. Playing her wingwoman is the hardest thing in the world. Not because she isn't attractive. She's got this understated beauty about her. When you tell her the guy in the blue shirt is staring at her, she'll probably laugh or roll her eyes.
  11. When it comes to love advice, she tends to be just as blatant. "It's pretty simple. He didn't call you because he's not interested." But her twisted sense of humour (which only you understand) and the fact that she's ALWAYS got your back—just some of the reasons you love her more anybody else.
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