Ten things you will only get if you are a Leo

You are the king of this jungle .....and errrbody better understand that!




Being a fiery and passionate Leo sure makes you stand out from the crowd, from  your flamboyant sense of dressing to the belief that you are simply the best...period. Being king Leo sure is different from most other sun signs , and there are a couple of things about wearing the crown of this fiery sign that only you can understand.

1.People usually let you take control : With natural charisma and a tendency to dominate , you are a born leader. Others can sense this and tend to get out of your way in most situations , leaving you to take the lead .

2.You can't help being blunt : This might be a shortcoming , but you can't help being honest. You tell it like it is , even at the expense of ruffling some feathers along the way .

3.Image is everything : You enjoy being respected and looked up to , and go to any length to project the perfect public persona ,  carefully hiding any weakness.

4.You love to give to others : Your generosity is boundless , and you will always be there for a person  in need , jumping to help out your true friends.

5.It's obvious you feel you are better then anyone else : People may tend to look at you as a egomaniac, but you just understand your skills and qualities shine when compared to other people .

6.You are active to a point of exhaustion : It's hard for others to keep up pace with your energy levels. From work to parties and other activities , you are always enthusiastic and up for anything.

7.You are surprisingly sensitive : You are not overly emotional ,but under all that bravado is a very tender heart . You feel love and pain ,but mask it carefully to display outer strength.

8.You love the finer things in life : Luxury is everything , the more the better . You love to dress in a flamboyant way and enjoy luxury vacations , food and all the finer things in life.

9.You are extremely popular : People love to be around you thanks to your confidence , outgoing nature and zest for life . Your loud and happy banter makes you the life of most parties.

and lastly.....

10.You don't really need anyone :Being fiercely independent , you don't really need to have anyone else around . Being social you do love the company of others but you are perfectly happy by your self as well.

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